October 2011

Blissdom Canada takeaway messages: Part 1

18 October 2011 Meta-blogging

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that I left the Blissdom Canada blogging and social media conference feeling newly inspired. There were a lot of things that didn’t engage me at the conference, but rather than gripe about those, I’d like to tell you about the things that did inspire me, and motivate me, and […]

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Blissdom Canada recap; or, how I learned to love my blog again

17 October 2011 Meta-blogging

Wow. You know how I said last week before leaving for the Blissdom Canada blogging/social media conference that I’d never attended a BlogHer or a Blissdom before, largely because I just couldn’t figure out what the value for me would be? Now I know. It’s not about the branding tips, or the inspirational moments, or […]

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On Blissdom Canada and the Fisher-Price Playpanel

13 October 2011 Reviews, promotions and giveaways

I am very excited and more than a little bit overwhelmed today. I’m heading down to Toronto for the uber-cool Blissdom Canada conference to play with a whole bunch of bloggy friends, including the co-members of the Fisher-Price playpanel team. More on them in a minute. While I’ve been to quite a few academic and […]

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One year in Manotick

12 October 2011 Postcards from Manotick

Can you believe it’s been a year this week since we moved out to Manotick? Seems like yesterday. Seems like we’ve been here forever. It has been the most tumultuous, crazy, busy year – no wonder it flew by in a flash! I still remember the very powerful feeling I had the very first day […]

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Most incredibly photogenic Thanksgiving weekend EVER!!!

11 October 2011 Mothership Photography

My laptop now makes a bit of a clunking, whirring noise each time I open a new program or window, because I uploaded nine gigabytes (!!) of pictures this weekend. (On top of the 8GB+ from the wedding last weekend. Eek!) But OMG, was that not the most gorgeous, sunny, colourful Thanksgiving weekend ever? We […]

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Project 365: Wonderful weddings and fall fixations

8 October 2011 Photo of the Day

I was really, really excited and really, really nervous by the time Saturday rolled around last week. I’d been in contact with a sweet couple that had asked me to photograph their wedding, and by the time the wedding rolled around I actually had butterflies in my tummy. (Can I say tummy? It seems like […]

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Five ideas for Thanksgiving Family Fun in and around Ottawa

7 October 2011 5 things

Wow, did you see the forecast for this weekend? I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten Thanksgiving dinner in shorts before – yowza, it’s going to be a spectacular weekend! Here’s five quick ideas of ways you can get out of the house and celebrate Thanksgiving in Ottawa: 1. Admire the fall foliage at Gatineau […]

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Leading an unbalanced life

3 October 2011 Working and mothering

I was at a seminar recently that discussed the differences between the Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials. One of the key differences between the three generations was what they seek in life: the boomers chased money and status, the GenXers chased balanced, and the Millennials seek meaning and personal fulfillment. Ah, balance. It’s […]

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Project 365: Seeing red (and orange and purple)

1 October 2011 Photo of the Day

Maybe it’s the warm, saturated colours that come with autumn, but I noticed that I have been completely fixated on the colour red in my pictures this week. Reds with green, reds with purples, reds with blues — it’s been a very red week! Like this one – clearly, it was red laundry load day […]

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