Most incredibly photogenic Thanksgiving weekend EVER!!!

My laptop now makes a bit of a clunking, whirring noise each time I open a new program or window, because I uploaded nine gigabytes (!!) of pictures this weekend. (On top of the 8GB+ from the wedding last weekend. Eek!) But OMG, was that not the most gorgeous, sunny, colourful Thanksgiving weekend ever?

We started out at the Manotick Harvest Festival on Saturday. Pumpkin painting, horse-drawn wagon rides, and the last ice cream of the year from the Hodge Podge Shoppe. Perfect Saturday out!

288:365 Manotick Harvest Festival

On Sunday, we headed out to the Antrim Flea Market, where I found a great deal on a little Kodak Brownie Super 27 from the early 1960s that I simply could not resist for $5. Instead of hopping back on to the 417 back home again, we went up the road to find the five-arch stone bridge in Pakenham that I’d been hearing about for years. Have you ever been to Pakenham? What a perfectly gorgeous little village! If you go, stop in for an old fashioned family restraurant experience at the Centennial restaurant, and then go frolic on the rocks under the bridge. (You might want to wait until next spring if you want to get the full “take off your shoes and splash in the water” experience that the boys had — but they highly recommend it!) It’s a perfect afternoon outing! I can’t believe I’ve lived in Ottawa all these years and never seen this perfect gem.

One autumn day in Pakenham

There were no photographs of the perfect Thanksgiving dinner at Granny’s house, but there is nothing like a warm, colourful day with your family to give you a list as long as your arm of things to be thankful for – not to mention working up an appetite!

And then on Monday there was not one but TWO family photo sessions with two sweet families as different as can be.

This little guy is my first-ever repeat customer as a photography client! Everitt was a four-week old newborn when I first met him on Easter weekend in 2010, and now he’s a bright, friendly, energetic toddler.

Porch Portraits

And then I headed out to one of my favourite of Ottawa’s Hidden Treasures, the Lime Kiln Trail, to meet a wonderfully exhuberant family of six for a photo session in the delicious autumn afternoon light.

Lime Kiln Trail portraits

Kids are an easy target, but I try to always capture a picture of just mom and dad, too. I love love love how this one turned out!

Heather Ann and Sam

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much during a portrait session as I did with these guys. And I seriously thought about stealing all four kids to keep for myself. I don’t think Beloved could have said no to such cuteness.

By the end of the day, I simply couldn’t choose one session or even one particular photo over the other as the official photo of the day, so I put these two together. I think they represent perfectly what I will remember best about the gift that was Thanksgiving Weekend 2011.

Thanksgiving families

These are the things that truly matter in life: sunshine, laughter, warmth and family. The essential ingredients in a perfect Thanksgiving weekend!

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  1. Glad your *working* Thanksgiving weekend was so wonderful. Your photos came out great from both your shoots and your *road* trip ones are awesome too.

    The weather was (is) unbelievable for this time of year…loving it!

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