Five places to take great fall photos in Ottawa

Last week on Twitter, Vicky was asking for recommendations on places to take great fall family pictures around Ottawa, and I told her I had a post half-written on the topic. It took me another week to get it all out there in a coherent fashion! Now that the rain has let up for a few days, maybe we’ll be able to get outside and enjoy those fall colours before they wash away!!

Here’s my recommendation for five great places to visit for fall family pictures in and around Ottawa:

1. Hogsback Falls

A favourite of mine in any season, it’s especially lovely in autumn. If you climb the hill just before you get to the Baseline overpass, there’s some terrific old ruins up there.


2. Stony Swamp in Barrhaven

The light is gorgeous, especially if you love those rich yellow leaves. Bonus: lime kiln ruins!

278b:365 Lime Kiln Hike

3. Majors Hill Park

Get your leafy fix with a side order of Peace Tower in the background. Spectacular!

272:365 Autumn sunshine

4. Mud Lake

If it’s nice this weekend, I’m hoping we can make it out for the hour or so it takes to hike around this gorgeous beauty hidden in the urban west end.

Fall colours and Canada Goose

5. Blacks Rapids

Easy access to a Rideau Lock station without the downtown parking trouble!

268:365 The path to the bridge

Other great ideas that I can’t illustrate with photos from my own collection: Andrew Haydon Park, Gatineau Park, Mer Bleu Bog, Petrie Island… damn, but we live in a gorgeous city, don’t we? Got a favourite I didn’t mention? Share it in the comments!

The light is gentle and warm this time of year, and the rain has finally ceased – let’s get out and enjoy it before the (shudder) snow flies!

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12 thoughts on “Five places to take great fall photos in Ottawa”

  1. Great post! Beautiful photos! Next year you may be doing a post called 5 Places to Take Great Fall Photos in MANOTICK!

  2. We love the McKenzie King estate “Kingswood” on Kingsmere Lake in Gatineau. It is interesting in all seaons.

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  4. Upon your suggestion, my husband and I did the Mud Lake walk today. I was looking for a frog but did not find one. I did get a great photo of a snake. Hubbie googled Mud Lake and just coincidentally came up with your blog. How random! We also did Shirley’s Bay hike right after. This was so we could have pie and ice cream for dessert! Nothing much of interest in that walk. We always like Stoney Swamp Trail where you can feed the deer and the cickadees. Park across from Hazeldean Mall in Kanata…there is a car park for the walk. If you look up, you will also see porcupines. One of our favourite walks.

  5. Lovely shots! I usually go to Gatineau Park, The Governor’s Residence and the Experimental Farm. Hog’s Back too.

    But I still haven’t taken my fall pictures this year… it’s been raining almost every day! Depressing.

  6. I know it’s technically not in the City, but it is only 20 minutes drive from downtown. Wakefield. We took a picnic, walked to the covered bridge and watched the steam train arrive into town. Oh, and don’t forget ot visit the bakery, you won’t be disappointed!

    Pictures on my blog!

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