Project 365: I have no discernable theme this week

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Wow, this week I posted the 300th picture in my second 365 project! Funny, now that I’ve relaxed my own rules a bit (it’s okay every now and then to post a picture today I took earlier, for example) I’ve taken all the angst out of the project and enjoyed it a hell of a lot more.

Speaking of bending rules, this is a stretch even by my own standards, but Saturday was so crazy at the Blissdom Canada conference (I still have that last post pending, I’ll get to it eventually, I promise!!) that I would have loved to set this up and take it myself, but it was just easier to hand off the camera. So this is a sort-of, not-quite, stretching the rules to the breaking point addition to my 365 project, taken with a little help from Sarah at Mom Central: me in the giant bouncy chair in the Fisher-Price suite at Blissdom:

295:365 Giant bouncy chair

Speaking of busy and Blissdom, I didn’t put up a 365 post last week because I’d already posted a lot of the pictures from the (very photogenic!) weekend, so here are two lonely leftovers from last week. I loved the dramatic sky churning up over the farm in this one, so I processed it in black and white to emphasize the shapes and lines.

292:365 Big sky on the farm

Someone on Flickr called this one Catasaurus Rex, and I thought that summed it up just about right. 🙂

291:365 Yawn!

After the intensity of the weekend, I couldn’t be more grateful for the quiet solitude of this leafy tunnel through the trees. (I desaturated it a bit to make it feel calmer. The riotous greens and yellows were a little too energetic!)

296:365 The quiet path

We took the boys to an antiques and collectibles show on the weekend. Imagine my squee of delight when I found this collection! They were ridiculously overpriced, though, and I can’t justify spending more than a couple of dollars on cameras that will only be used as props and toys, so I didn’t end up taking any home with me. (Also, I already own one of at least four of the cameras shown in this picture!)

297:365 Vintage camera graveyard

I didn’t realize until I was putting this post together that I spent at least two days looking skyward with my camera this week. I like how you can see the individual maple leaf outlines in this, and the range of colours on the tree. Did you know that the yellow and orange fall colours are simply the absence of the green chlorophyll, but the red is sugar trapped in the leaf?

299:365 Look up, waaaay up

I never stop being in awe of the Parliament Buildings, but it’s hard to find an angle that hasn’t been done to death. I like this first one and think that hint of cloud cover is what makes the shot, but wish I’d backed up just a wee bit more to get that back gargoyle in the frame.

298:365 Peace Tower

And speaking of frames:

Peace Tower framed

This was a quick shot on a busy day, but the light on the pumpkin stems caught my eye enough to make me grab the camera.

300:365 Three little pumpkins

And speaking of eyes, is this not the definition of “evil eye”? He’s a caiman, and he almost bit my leg off as I was traversing a swamp in the Amazon jungle we met him thanks to the traveling show from Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo at the boys’ school Halloween party.

301:365 Evil eye

I enjoy writing these weekly posts because I can often see themes emerging, and love how they present themselves. This week’s pictures, though, exactly reflect the disjointed busyness that was the week itself. A little bit of this and that, with no time to stop and think about any of it.

Here’s hoping this coming week is a little calmer, if not a little more thematic.

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