Project 365: From portraiture to snapshots

by DaniGirl on September 11, 2011 · 1 comment

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Isn’t it funny how some days (weeks, months) you seem to be in a creative drought and can’t wring a drop of creativity out of your soul, and other days you can’t stop the deluge of ideas and inspiration? Lucky for me, this has been one of those weeks where I’m practically swimming in a tsunami of inspiration – I can barely keep up with it all!

It helps when you start the week with an adorable baby. I know you’ve seen these pictures already, but I had to include them in the official 365 record, right?

253:365 Baby L

Aside from the soft sweetness of the baby (delicious, isn’t he?) I’m pretty pleased with myself over the frames for these ones. I’d seen something similar on another site and decided I wanted to learn how to create my own, with my little shooting star insignia.

254:365 Baby bits

And speaking of repeats, there’s the misadventure of accidentally enrolling the boys in dance camp. (Oops!)

252:365 Circus camp show

And the last of the repeats for this week… I have to admit, I love this picture of Lucas and his new favourite camera, from my comparison of the Nikon D7000 and the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera.

257:365 Photographer-in-training

But look! There’s fresh material here too, that hasn’t been blogged already. For example, the sunrises have been absolutely spectacular this week. I loved the texture in the clouds on this one. This hasn’t been processed at all, save for a little crop and a slight fix on the exposure – there’s at least one benefit to being awake and on my way to work before sparrow’s first fart.

258:365 Morning drama sky

And speaking of sky, did you notice how the clouds have been just spectacular this week? This is the totem pole on George Street, in front of the Ottawa School of Art. As I said when I posted this one on Flickr, sometimes the sky just invites you to leap up and soar away!

258:365 Soaring

I called this family portrait “Happy Last Day of Summer.” I know, I know, summer isn’t officially over yet, but it’s more about how the days feel than what the calendar says, right?

255:365 Happy Last Day of Summer!

And of course, the last day of summer is followed immediately by the first day of school. *wipes away tear of nostalgia*

256:365 First day of school 2011

From portraiture to snapshots, it was a very picturesque week!

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1 Paula September 11, 2011 at 8:12 pm

Great recap, both in words and photos. Hoping you have a great week ahead.

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