Mothership Photography newborn sneak-peek: Adorable Baby Lucas

I had the wonderful pleasure this weekend of meeting Luke (great name, eh?) and his folks to take some newborn portraits. It was one of those afternoons when everything seemed to click, from the shutter to the conversation between the grownups.

And Luke’s mom has the most amazing taste in funky vintage finds, like this terrific Coca Cola cooler. How cute is this?

red storyboard

And the cooler is pretty cute, too, eh? 😉 Lookit that little guy, all of four weeks old and holding his head up already. He was such a fun baby to work with!

From warm reds to cool blues – how about this vintage sleigh? I totally loved working with the Moffatt family, their easy-going nature and their great sense of fun!

blue storyboard

Luke’s daddy (you may know him as Ottawa councillor Scott Moffatt) is quite the golfer, so the name Ben Hogan means a lot more to him than it does to me. (Recognize that ‘thousand mile stare’? Little guy drifted off to sleep right there in the golf bag!)


Of course, I couldn’t imagine making portraits of a newborn without capturing those soft, sweet cheeks and delicious baby toes!

254:365 Baby bits

Finally, the poor guy had had enough of me and my camera, and I had to call it a day…


Thank you to the Moffatt family for supporting local business in our community and letting me come over and play with Luke for the afternoon! It was a pleasure to work with all of you, and now I’ll be scouring the flea markets and junk shops for my own vintage coke cooler! 😉 The full gallery will be up in another day or so — but I couldn’t resist sharing a few favourites right away!

I’m almost completely booked up for the fall, so if you’re looking for a family photography session with a particular date in mind, be sure to get in touch sooner rather than later!

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