Name that ringtone!

I was poking through my blog feeds and found a link to this neat iPhone app that lets you create a ring tone from any song or sound clip.

I love this! The ring tone I have now is the old nostalgia ringing phone, which I like well enough. I have never been particularly inspired to get a funky ring tone, although I do love the fact that my brother programmed his phone to play Darth Vader’s Imperial March whenever his wife calls. A friend of mine also has the “yip yip yip, brrrrrrrring” guys from Sesame Street for his iPhone, which is what I planned to get when and if I ever got around to it.

But the idea of using ANY song? Wow, that’s an intimidating amount of choices! (Well, technically it’s any DRM-free song, but for the purposes of speculation, let’s assume we can have the rights to anything we choose.) In fact, it’s so much choice that I’m paralyzed by the possibilities and experiencing a complete creative blue-screen-of-death meltdown.

If you could have any song as a ring tone, what would you choose and why?

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3 thoughts on “Name that ringtone!”

  1. It took me forever to figure out how to download and set up the Hockey Night in Canada theme song as my ringtone years ago (when it was briefly available, before there began a copyright dispute) on my previous phone. When I changed phones, I went hunting for the same tune and found a different, hard-rock style version. Imaginitive, I lol.

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