The Christmas Eve Photo Project

Inspired by Andrea, a photo-essay of hourly pictures of the most excitement-laden day of the year: Christmas Eve.

First stop, breakfast with cousin Noah at 8:30 am:

830 am

(Can you believe they were up at FOUR am? Yeesh!)

9:30 am: The gingerbread house is decorated, and accessorized with Belgian chocolate Santa, courtesy of my Loblaws advent calendar.


10:30 am: Mother Nature provided a fresh dusting of snow overnight to help Santa’s sleigh land on the rooftop!


11:30 am: Santa’s cutest reindeer!


12:30 pm: a bit of last-minute wrapping to do.

1230 pm

1:30 pm: The big boys are at a movie with Beloved, and Lucas is sleeping. Time for a coffee break!

130 pm

2:30 pm: Back from the movie, and making Christmas ornaments for the family.

230 pm

3:30 pm: Wrapping up the last of the home-made peanut brittle and shortbread to give away tonight.

330 pm

4:30 pm: Just about a half an hour until the family arrives for dinner and presents. The calm before the chaos!

430 pm

5:30 pm: Granny and Lucas having a little moment just before the presents begin.

530 pm

6:30 pm: Santa Papa Lou.

630 pm

7:30 pm: Admiring the annual family calendar.

730 pm

8:30 pm: Lucas was so not interesting in sharing his new Sesame Street toddler-sized sleeper couch with his cousin Brooke. He was priceless in his annoyance, and she was persistent in her desire to share his space.

830 pm

That’s it — I can’t believe I made it through all 12 hours. And a Merry Christmas was had by all!

Author: DaniGirl

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9 thoughts on “The Christmas Eve Photo Project”

  1. Hey, it’s awesome you’re doing this too! Cool!

    I am saving my hourly photo for tomorrow and taking each one with my iPhone. It is both easier (for me) and also more challenging that way! 🙂

    Wishing you and yours the merriest of Christmases and all the best in the New Year!

  2. love it! i was planning on doing this tomorrow:))
    looking forward to seeing the progression of yours:))

  3. Fabulous idea. Merry Christmas to Tristan, Simon, Lucas, Beloved and a special Merry, Merry to you. You have made my year so much more exciting. Thanks!

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