Project 365: Sigh. Again. I know. I’m sick of it, too.

Ugh. November. If there were a contest for the least-photographic month on the calendar, November would win it hands-down. Grey, barren, sleety. Ugh.

Usually, I love writing up this weekly summary of my 365 pictures, but I’m so abysmally lacking in inspiration right now neither the photographic opportunities nor writing about them is appealing. I’m really hoping this ennui is as transient as the autumn leaves.

Speaking of leaves, could I possibly wrest one last dead-leaf image out of the season? How about the ghostly imprint of the leaves of autumn departed?

283:365 Shadow-leaves on the sidewalk

Heck, even the geese know it’s time to get out of town.

286:365 Migration

Of course, when it’s too rainy or wet or dark to venture outside, there are things inside that are worth taking a closer look at.

285:365 Eye see you

And Halloween is good for a few gratuitous shots!

284:365 Trick or treat!

284b:365 Halloween TtV diptych

If you get outside while the sun is shining, you can almost forget that winter is on it’s way…

288:365 Lucas on his hog

(I couldn’t decide if I liked the one featuring Lucas the best, or the four of these in a set together.)

288b:365 TTV bikes collage

I was feeling in such a photographic rut that I thought maybe I should try something new, so I tried to emulate some high-key portraits I’ve seen recently. It didn’t quite work, but if nothing else, I’ve figured out over the course of 289 days worth of pcitures that I learn as much from my failures and attempts as I learn from my successes.

289:365 Lucas high key

(He’s is mighty cute regardless, though, isn’t he? Beloved said the problem with portraits in high-key — that strong, flat lighting — is that it blows out the mid-tones, which are very important in a portrait. See, lesson learned — and shared!)

And hey, at least we can look forward to seven weeks’ worth of Christmas-themed images!! (The title of this photo, taken two days after Halloween, is “Oh no!” you groan, “Not already!” They were out the first Monday in November, stringing up 300,000 lights for the Christmas Lights Across Canada festival.)

287:365 "Oh no!" you groan, "Not already!"

Even if November begins with photographic whinging and ennui, I can still look back on the photos I took in October and think to myself, “Damn, I’ve taken some really good pictures!” See?

October mosaic

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7 thoughts on “Project 365: Sigh. Again. I know. I’m sick of it, too.”

  1. Your October montage/ mosaic, whatever, is FABULOUS. It is a phenomenal piece of colour and composition in itself – the big picture.
    Seriously, squint your eyes at it, it all blends a bit, but beautifully, THE picture of Autumn.
    Want to come photograph my kids?

  2. find a theme for november;)
    seasoned 365’r trick…music maybe??
    you are right at the point where the blahs kick in…another 20 days or so and you will be amazed at how fast the project comes to an end:). trust me! did it twice,lol;). and then you will miss it…

  3. I actually disagree with November being a bad month for photography because if you do get a sunny day, the sun is so low that you get a lovely, warm, golden light all day long. We’re only 6 days in… it will get better I’m sure.

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