Apparently I put the “pen” in “penis”

Been getting a lot of blog fodder from CBC these days. Last week it was the top 10 TV shows courtesy of Q, and today’s post comes via old Spark podcasts I downloaded to listen to on our road trip this past weekend.

According to the artificial intelligence at, there is a 76% probability that Postcards from the Mothership is written by a man. I found this rather curious until I scanned down my own current home page and realized I have three large block-quotes, at least one of which I know *is* written by a man. I got curious, and started dropping individual category pages into the analyzer:

We guess is written by a man (54%), however it’s quite gender neutral.

We guess is written by a man (55%), however it’s quite gender neutral.

We think is written by a man (71%).

We think is written by a man (75%).

We guess is written by a man (57%), however it’s quite gender neutral.

Hmmm, my manliest writing is on random topics and when telling stories about the boys, and writing I do specifically on mothering is my most gender-neutral. Interesting, in a passing sort of way. Go ahead, go plug your blog in there, then come back and tell me your results. You know you want to!!


Speaking of “you know you want to…”, it’s that time of year again. Even though I had to resign from my position as an organizer of the Canadian Blog Awards (just not enough hours in the day!) I will still shamelessly whore myself for your votes. I am proud to say that Postcards from the Mothership has once again been nominated for a Best Canadian Family Blog award, and I will milk it for all it’s worth!

Best Family Blog nominee

You can vote any day this week, but you can vote only once per category so choose well, as there are several excellent blogs nominated. Don’t make me beg. Well, you’re right, I’ll likely beg anyway. But don’t let that stop you! VOTE!

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5 thoughts on “Apparently I put the “pen” in “penis””

  1. I am 93% woman, baby! “That’s W-O-M-A-N. Let me say it again.”

    At least that’s what it says when I am writing about kids books. It’d be interesting to try it again right after the Just Posts go up.

  2. My blog is 80% woman. Hmmmm. Must be all the mentions of Daniel Craig, lol.

    For once, I won’t be voting for you for the CBAs. But only because I was nominated this year! Cool! I will pinch the logo if that’s OK with you.

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