November 2007

Christmas in the Capital

10 November 2007 Life in Ottawa

Edited to add: Click this link for the 2017 Santa Claus and holiday parade info! I love Christmas. I love parades. I *really* love pink-cheeked children wrapped in snowsuits lining the streets for the Santa Claus parade. I look forward to it every year, and am just happy now that at least I have a […]

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All about Beloved

9 November 2007 Memes

This went ’round the blogosphere about a month ago and I filed it away for just such a brainless Friday during NaBloPoMo as this, but I first saw it at Slouching Mom’s place so she gets the linky love. 1. Who is your man? Beloved. (When I started blogging, everyone had a pseudonym. Tristan’s middle […]

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My rebellious streak

8 November 2007 It IS all about me

I am, for the most part, a law-abiding citizen. I don’t knock over liquor stores, don’t carry concealed weapons, and rarely roll my stops – even when making a right-hand turn. I’ve never been pulled over for speeding. The only time I was ever actually inside a police car was when a very nice officer […]

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The one with the hallucinogenic toys

7 November 2007 Consumer culture

On the first day of voting for the Weblog Awards, for a glorious (if delusional) hour or two, I was in first (!) place. Now that it’s the penultimate day for voting, I’m in penultimate place. Sigh. Vote today to make sure this insidious trend doesn’t leave me in last place tomorrow, okay? Visiting for […]

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Best bet toys for 2008

6 November 2007 Consumer culture

(Edited to add: looking for the 2009 report? I’ve got a post about it here!) *** Every year, the Canadian Toy Testing Council releases its picks for the best toys of the year, as selected by the more than 1000 families that are part of the toy testing network. The CTTC provides a full report […]

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I’m a big girl now

5 November 2007 Postcards from my uterus

I’m getting a little worried. I’m only six months (technically, 27 and a half weeks) pregnant, and by all accounts, I’m friggin’ huge. No, really? Huge. Huge, like people ask me when I’m due and when I say “February” they go through this disbelief-shock-pity series of expressions and ask me if I’m sure there’s only […]

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Time changes suck

4 November 2007 Life, the Universe and Everything

All the reminders about the time change this weekend have been accompanied by some reference to an extra hour of sleep. Bah! Sleeping in. If you don’t have kids, maybe. It’s just before nine o’clock on a Sunday morning, and we’ve already been up for more than four hours. We’ve watched a video, played a […]

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Humble pie

3 November 2007 My 15 minutes

I should have taken a screen print of those few shining hours yesterday morning, before all the other nominees noticed that they were nominated for the Best Parenting Blog thing, and me and my early-rising bloggy peeps were running the voting show. Ah well, at least a few of you immortalized the glory days hours […]

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Rampant with whining

2 November 2007 Rants and rambles

Yeah, this is more like the November I’ve come to know and dread. Apologies to those of you with November birthdays, who bring a tiny bit of sunshine to this otherwise hellacious month, but I really do hate November. The nanny called me at work yesterday sometime before 10:00 saying she was very sick and […]

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A great start to NaBloPoMo!

1 November 2007 How I love the Interwebs

Yay, it’s November! Never thought I’d say those words. Truly, I hate November. Of all the months, November continues to be the suckiest. Bad things happen in November. But November means that the arrival of the Player to be Named Later is just three months away. Yay! And November means Halloween is done, so we […]

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