November 2007

Talk to me about online shopping

20 November 2007 Consumer culture

I’m starting to get worried. It’s just a little over a month until Christmas, and I don’t have any big ideas for the perfect gift for everyone. (This is something I do to myself every year. Simply giving a gift is not enough, it must be the PERFECT gift. It must allude to the recipient’s […]

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Two for the price of one

19 November 2007 Mothering without a licence

We didn’t plan to space Tristan and Simon 22 months apart. In fact, we didn’t really plan for Simon at all – not that it wasn’t a blissful surprise. But when I think back to those early days, with a newborn and a not-quite-two-year-old in the house, I shake my head and wonder how we […]

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Canadian Children’s Book Week

18 November 2007 Books

Did you know it’s Canadian Children’s Book Week? I was looking for information about kids books for something meme-ish, and came across this list of 100 Best Canadian Books for Children, courtesy of the Toronto Public Library, but I have to admit that I’ve only read about ten or so of the books. Some of […]

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Not for lack of trying

17 November 2007 Rants and rambles

I’m trying to write a post, I swear I am. Not a great post, not the most cerebral or entertaining post ever, but I had an idea, and I had some pictures, and I was going to turn them into a post. So I dumped the photos from the camera to the laptop, and have […]

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29 week update

16 November 2007 Postcards from my uterus

It’s beginning to occur to me that after this pregnancy is over, we’ll have a baby to show for our efforts. A baby! A whole new person. I don’t know why it’s so easy to overlook that in these middling stages of pregnancy… denial, anyone? Been a while, I think, since I’ve posted an update […]

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In which she admits she didn’t know it all

15 November 2007 Mothering without a licence

I think it’s a rite of passage as a mom (or dad) blogger to write at least a couple of posts about how the realities of actually parenting a child have chipped away at whatever moral resolve you might have had when you were childless, leaving your previously lofty standards in a tarnished heap on […]

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One thousand (!)

14 November 2007 Books

Did you know that the letter A does not appear in the English spelling of any number lower than “one thousand”? Oh, the trivial gifts the Interwebs give to me. One thousand. Like, a thousand words, or a Thousand Islands. Or, one thousand posts. Yes, my bloggy peeps, this is my one-thousandth post. One thousand […]

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Spam and curses – or, cursed spam

13 November 2007 Ah, me boys

What the holy hell is going on with the spam all of a sudden? My spam filter has caught more than 700 spam comments since Friday, and I’ve deleted another dozen or more spam trackbacks. That’s about four times what it usually is. Seriously, I’m getting a little annoyed. And the vast majority of them […]

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A shiny new iPod

12 November 2007 Consumer culture

So, remember the iPod that didn’t survive the spin cycle? This week, I got my gift certificate in fulfilment of the product replacement plan with no questions asked. Last time I ever mock Beloved’s inability to purchase any electronic product without also buying extended warranty coverage! The gift certificate was for the purchase price we […]

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Spot the Ottawa bloggers

11 November 2007 My 15 minutes

First of all, shame on me for not yet saying a HUGE thank you for each of the 288 votes (!!) you cast for the Best Parenting Weblog Award. Really, thank you! I’m honoured and touched and will treasure each vote, and I’m sure some dark future days when I’m feeling insecure and ridiculous with […]

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