The year in review

Filched from Angry Pregnant Lawyer. The year in review, by posting the first sentence of the first blog post of each month of 2006.

  1. What happened to my baby?
  2. Although today is Simon’s birthday (and thank you for all the birthday wishes!), we celebrated it with the family last Saturday.
  3. Sorry about yesterday’s blatant cry for sympathy.
  4. Last week after I posted about demanding public funding for IVF, I exchanged a series of e-mails with Janet, a regular blog reader from elsewhere in Ontario.
  5. Today’s review is being written not at the 10-pages-in point, but after I have read the whole book.
  6. Marla wrote a great, rambling post the other day (you think I ramble? You ain’t seen from ramble ‘till you’ve been to Marla’s place) about how ideas for a blog post just jumped out and hurled themselves at her over the course of a rather strange afternoon.
  7. I’m never going to get around to writing the epic post that sums up our sojourn in la Belle Province, so I’ve decided to cover it in a series of vignettes instead.
  8. I’ve spent a lot of this past week and a half pretty much obsessed with my breasts.
  9. I can see you rolling your eyes.
  10. Eight days.
  11. The boys had a terrific halloween, and by extension, so did I.
  12. All I can say at this point is thank the deity of your choice that November is finally over.

It has an oddly poetic narrative, don’t you think?

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7 thoughts on “The year in review”

  1. I like 8 and 9 in conjuction with each other…
    I hope 2007 is absolutely wonderful for you and your family. 2006 had a lot of ups and downs and I’m sure you’re tired of a rollercoaster that big.

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