20 thoughts on “Breaking news!”

  1. Congrats! As possibly one of the only fed employees with an English-only job classification, I was nail-biting along with you hoping you’d get your exemption and keep your promotion. I’ve been acting now for 6 months in a bilingual position and may not be allowed to do so for much longer. Way to go! Any thoughts of blogging in French??? (just kidding).

  2. Thanks, all!! Can you believe I’ve had that damn thing unpublished in Blogger since May when I failed the last time (and was so sure I was going to pass)?
    And I just noticed I left out a word in the last sentence. It’s supposed to say “newly minted French language skills on her world-reknowned BLOG” but oh well. I can’t be bothered to redo it. (And it’s just that kind of attention to detail that makes you fail the exam two times in three!!!)

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