Friday photos

A little end of summer photo essay, because sometimes they really are worth a thousand words…

Tristan has given Simon some potty training tips this week. Most important: you gotta take time to look at the trains.

Two boys + one garden hose + one hot summer day = priceless.

Tristan’s first day on his big-boy bike.

Fun at the Ottawa SuperEx:

Not as sexy as Marla’s Charlie’s Angels pose, but yet more proof that we were separated at birth (both photos taken at an Ex on Sunday, half a province apart and with no prior consulation).

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9 thoughts on “Friday photos”

  1. What a great compilation of summer memories…is that really Tristan RUNNING on that bridge thingy?? I’ll say it again – your boys are gorgeous, on the potty, nekkid with the hose or just smiling away happy on life. xo

  2. Great photos Dani. You captured the essence of your gorgeous boys in just a few photographs. The smiles are contagious, and I agree “priceless”.
    Great summer memories,

  3. Dani,
    Gotta love summer fun shots! Looks like that is all they are haivng is tons and tons of fun!!
    Our kids are growing up WAAAYY too fast! Capturing the moment is so important in my opinion!

  4. Great photos Dani! I actually peeked through your Flickr thingy the other day, and now I wish I hadn’t as I loved reading your comments along with them. I’d say they’re keepers :~).

  5. Love the idea of the trains next to the loo – I’m going to nab that idea for our house if you don’t mind.
    Great pics.

  6. Great shots dani…I love August…I do…not only becasue my birthday is in it,. But I love the lazy feel and the sounds. Living in the country you get to hear ALOT of crickets. Time for a few more bonfires..>Whadda think?

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