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by DaniGirl on July 21, 2005 · 4 comments

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The incomparable and extremely pregnant Jen from MUBAR has tagged me. Wasn’t that nice of her? And if she can play nicely in this heat while trying to keep up with the angelic terror that is Baby Girl and gracefully gestate her upcoming arrival, far be it from me to say no to her.

1. What were three of the stupidest things you have done in your life? (Note: That I will admit to on my blog)

First, let me say that I have no shame, and I hide nothing from blog. Second, although I have done some incredibly stupid things in my life, all of my choices have led in one way or another to here, which is a pretty good place to be. Having said all that:

A. The all-time high on the regret-o-meter is not realizing I deserved better than my first husband, and letting him completely decimate my self esteem while we were together.

B. Quitting university to work full time in retail.

C. Recently, I regret showing Simon that you can fill a pail with sand, turn it over and yell “TA DA!” and made a sandcastle out of it, because he now upturns any container containing anything and yells “TA DA!” and I’m getting awfully tired of cleaning up cereal, snacks, dog food, toys, milk and anything else that can be sprayed onto a flat surface from a bowl.

2. At the current moment, who has the most influence in your life?

Tough one. Tie between my boys, Beloved and my mom. Oh, and of course, blog and the Danigirl Board of Directors.

3. If you were given a time machine that functioned, and you were allowed to only pick up five people to dine with, who would you pick?

This would make for a really lousy dinner party, and I’d probably be so intimidated I’d be terrified to open my mouth to half of them, but I’d invite: Carol Shields, Carl Sagan, John Lennon, Mark Twain and my Granny (because she never had the chance to meet Beloved or the boys, and she would have loved them so.)

4. If you had three wishes that were not supernatural, what would they be?

A. That anybody who ever wanted to get pregnant could, that anybody who wanted to be a mother would, and that anybody who didn’t want to get pregnant wouldn’t.

B. That organ donation demand never exceeded suppy.

C. That I could have a staff. Someone to decide what we’d eat at every meal (knowing intuitively what I yenned for each day), someone to prepare our meals, someone to clean the house, an accountant and a gardener. And a chauffeur for the kids, so I could drive a Miata everywhere.

5. Someone is visiting your hometown/place where you live at the moment. Name two things you regret your city not having, and two things people should avoid.

I’ve often lamented that Ottawa has no decent beaches, and the nearest waterpark is an hour’s drive away. Also, our local paper must have journalism’s most pathetic Web site.

Things to avoid? The Sparks Street pedestrian mall after 6 pm (yawn!) and the Queensway during rush hour in wintertime.

6. Name one event that has changed your life.

Once upon a time, somebody kissed me, and the repercussions from that kiss set in motion events that would completely alter the course of my life. Not unlike Sleeping Beauty, after this particular kiss I woke up, looked around and said, “Hey, something’s not right here.” Within five weeks, I had a new life. And it was good.

7. Tag 3 people.

Hmmmm…. (insert Jeopardy music here)

California K

Go get ’em!


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1 UberGeek July 21, 2005 at 1:21 pm

1) Can I fill it the “three of the stupidest things you have done in your life? “. I have plenty to select from the teenage years.
2)Danigirl Board of Directors. Can i be official secretary. To be honest I considered Board chair… but I think it would be way more fun to record the events/decisions than to make the decisions.

2 Running2Ks July 21, 2005 at 3:49 pm

Those are really great. I really enjoyed doing this meme as well. I have to say, I love your turning point kiss 🙂

3 Suzanne July 21, 2005 at 5:28 pm

Thanks, Danigirl! This should be interesting.

4 Jen July 21, 2005 at 6:24 pm

Great responses!

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