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by DaniGirl on February 11, 2005 · 1 comment

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Okay, could I be any more of a dufus about this comment thing?

I had a stunning THREE comments in reply to my pathetic plea for them. THREE people — can you believe it? And yet, if you look at the comment tags, yet AGAIN you will see a big fat zero. Do you know why? Cuz I got all techno-weenie again, and installed haloscan‘s funky comment and trackback code and when I did, it wiped out the previous comments. Did you hear the bloodcurdling “noooooooooooo” I let out just about the time I realized what I had done?


I happened to have the previous version of my blog open in another browser window, and {insert triumphant “ta da” music here} I rescued my precious comments from oblivion!! So, without further ado, here are my three beloved comments, complete with reply from me:

Dean Dad said…
You go, girl!
Gotta say, as an American Dad, the thought of a year of paid parental leave is unbelievably appealling. If it makes you feel any better, here it’s 12 weeks, unpaid, and the guilt industry is just as strong anyway.Like the pseudonymns, too.
9:48 AM

hnk said…
I feel kind so I will left this small comment, I press “next blog ” when I was looking at one of my friend’s blog and I found your blog. the only way that make the people visit your blog is to visit their blog and left acomment so that they will visit your blog….like what you will do now 😉
9:49 AM

ann said…
I love the name of your new blog.
“Postcards from the Mothership” is very funky!
Ann D
The Mother of All Blogs
12:45 PM

DaniGirl said…
Holy crap, now THREE people have read my blog? This is the most exciting day in the history of the Internet for sure! At the risk of sounding a little Sally Field-ish, “You read me! You really read me!”I was so excited to find your (collective) comments that I called my Beloved, who has been amused if not a little mystified by my newfound blogging obsession.

Me, in near breathless excitement: “Guess what?”
Beloved, who has been through this enough times with me to respond with indulgent caution: “What?”
Me, beaming with pride: “THREE people read my blog.”
Beloved, probably shaking his head and thinking it could be worse, “Congratulations. Can I go back to work now?”

Anyway, thanks for making my day!
Affectionately, Danigirl
1:21 PM

I love comments!!!!!

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