Someone actually read my blog!

I’m feeling quite validated these days. Someone actually read my blog. Someone actually commented on my blog. S omeone looked at this self-indulgent little reflection on life, the universe and everything and took the time to say something about it. And it was a really nice something, too!

What, you say? You looked at all the comment tags, and there is a lovely fat “O” beside every one? Well, yes, but I can explain. The comment is on my other blog. The one that looks just like this one, but has a different URL. No, really, it exists, it really does!

You see, when I first started, I appropriated the term “SnackMommy” from my wickedly funny friend Ashley in Winnipeg, who regales us lucky few with the ongoing adventures of SnackMommy and the Hot Nanny. I love these epistles so much that I want to write a book of short stories some time, pilfering not only her content but her razor-sharp humour as well. So when I started a blog, SnackMommy was just the tone I wanted to set. Then, after a few days, I got a case of the guilties and started wondering if Ashley might want to keep that URL for herself, since she did come up with it and all. However, Ashley was incommunicado, being a good little Snowbird and touring the happiest place on earth with her three-year-old. All this to say, after a weekend of reflection I decided that both “momm-eh” and “postcards from the mothership” were close seconds and good enough for me.

After trolling the help section of blogger for not very long, I decided the easiest way to move my blog from SnackMommy to momm-eh was to basically cut and paste, entry by entry. Took a while, but by manipulating the time stamp I got the whole thing pretty much exactly as it was on the first site. Smug and thinking myself quite the little techie, I figured I was ahead of the game. I hadn’t told anybody about my old blog, let alone my new blog, and SnackMommy could retire in peace. I took one final scan to make sure I hadn’t missed anything – and noticed a comment!!! I had commented on someone’s blog, and she dropped by and left a comment on my blog – but alas, the wrong blog.

So, I have my first official comment, and yet I do not. Typical for me, who never manages to do anything the easy way. So, if you are feeling kind, please leave me a little comment so I can at least get back to where I started from. And if you are feeling unkind, feel free to move along!

Author: DaniGirl

Canadian. storyteller, photographer, mom to 3. Professional dilettante.

One thought on “Someone actually read my blog!”

  1. It’s nice to read all the info on your site – I have problems with the word Blog – sounds too much like the noise you make throwing up. 🙁
    I feel a bit of a kindred spirit with you as a Canadian (trapped out in Maine, mind you) and as a mother (I have 3).
    Thanks for bringing a bit of light into my day.
    All the best Christine

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