Editorial asides

The ultimate DIY blog kit

20 July 2009 Editorial asides

If you’re reading the feed for the first time since Friday (you, on Facebook, I’m talking to YOU!) you’ll have to click through to formally admire my fancy new blog design. Did I mention I did it myself? Yay me! I’ve been looking for a decent theme for WordPress on and off for the last […]

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Oooo, pretty shiny new blog…

18 July 2009 Editorial asides

So here it is! (You, over there on Google Reader — click through and admire the fancy new design please!) There’s more work to be done, but I’m tired of hacking it on my test site. I would have thought that early Saturday morning was the perfect time to tinker, except there’s thunder in the […]

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A bloggy work in progress

14 July 2009 Editorial asides

So I’m redesigning the blog again. I know, I know, it’s just been a couple of months since the last one. Even though I really like the design (and frankly love certain elements of it) it’s just not working for me — both metaphorically and literally. It’s the literally not working problem that’s getting me […]

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29 May 2009 Editorial asides

After I published my last post, the formatting on the blog got all farked up. Is it displaying properly for you? For me, the post about Papa Lou’s 65th appears in the sidebar and the sidebar is down below. Not sure what happened, let alone how to fix it… gah! I wasn’t even in the […]

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The Family Photographer?

25 May 2009 Editorial asides

So I had this idea while I was in the shower. (Some people do their best thinking on the commode. Me, it’s on the shower. Something about cleanliness and fresh starts, maybe?) Actually, it’s the evolution of an idea I’ve been toying with for a while. You guys seem to like my pictures and be […]

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14 May 2009 Editorial asides

So???? What do you think? (If you’re reading through a feed reader, you MUST click through — I’ve done a massive blog reno.) Mad props to Nikki at Design Coyote (and also at Snailbird.com) who managed to give me what I wanted instead of what I asked for. I was originally going to upload the […]

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Please stand by!

14 May 2009 Editorial asides

I’m tinkering!! I’ll let you know when I’m done!

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Blogroll and linky love

22 April 2009 Editorial asides

I’m doing some spring cleaning around the blog, and realized that my blogroll is embarrassingly, dreadfully out of date. So many of you who visit here regularly should be on it — and there are blogs on it that haven’t posted new material since 2007 or earlier! While it makes me terribly sad to visit […]

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12 March 2009 Editorial asides

So you know I hate change. Really, I do. It took me four years to finally change my gravatar photo, for goodness sake, and it pained me to do so. Even when I know I’m going to like the new thing better, I’m still reluctant to let go of the old thing. (I was going […]

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From captcha oracle to captcha syndrome

11 February 2009 Editorial asides

I’ve spent idle moments in the last week re-reading and thoroughly enjoying our bloggy adventures this time last year. Remember these post about liveblogging the labour? Your comments are more fun that the posts themselves! (*coughasusualcough*) And reading your congratulatory notes on the post about Lucas’s arrival and naming the “Player to be Named Later” […]

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