Baby days

Riddle me this

8 April 2008 Baby days

Why is it that this gorgeous baby of mine will sleep (touch wood) like a dream in his cradle at night, but will not under any circumstances sleep anywhere except in my arms during the day? And why does he so resent my attention to the one pokey finger with which I’m trying to blog […]

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From my mouth to his ears

29 March 2008 Ah, me boys

You know those times when you hear your own words coming from your kids’ mouths, and how unsettling it is? We’re in the van. Tristan is in the middle row with Lucas, and Simon is in the back row. Lucas is just waking up, and Tristan is leaning over to coo something at him. Simon, […]

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Skim milk

27 March 2008 Baby days

We’re sitting in the pediatrician’s waiting room, each admiring the others’ babies as they rest at our feet, each snuggled into their own baby bucket carrier. Hers is dressed in pink and is fleshy and plump and noticeably larger than Lucas. “He’s beautiful,” she tells me, admiring Lucas. I beam, and return the compliment. “It […]

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Not good enough

13 March 2008 Baby days

Sigh. Went for another weigh-in today, and Lucas only gained 70 grams, where the ped wanted to see him gain twice that. He’ll be five weeks old on Friday and is only two ounces above his birthweight at 10 lbs 3 oz.. I don’t think the problem is with my milk supply, but perhaps with […]

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Thursday Thirteen: Things I’d forgotten about newborns

13 March 2008 Baby days

I’ve seen the Thursday Thirteen meme around forever, and have been meaning to play along. This is another one of those posts I’ve been writing in my head for days and pecking out in stolen moments over the last week or so. Thirteen things I’d forgotten about newborns: How you start hearing phantom cries in […]

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6 March 2008 Baby days

Six. That’s the number of consecutive – consecutive, mind you – diaper leaks we had between midnight last night and noon today. Six diaper leaks, which in turn soaked four sleepers, two outfits, five blankets, two crib sheets and two waterproof pads. And my shirt. In twelve hours. Which comprises, in case you are wondering, […]

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Back on track – I think

4 March 2008 Baby days

Okay, I think we’re back on track (touch wood) with the feeding thing. As of Sunday, Lucas was back up to 10 lbs even, which means he gained four ounces in four days. Not stellar, but certainly an improvement over the nothing of the previous week, and it brings him within spitting up distance of […]

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Day 18 is the new Day 3

27 February 2008 Baby days

Remember how Day 3 was supposed to be the bad day? The day when postpartum emotions and the physical toll of childbirth and caring for a newborn come crashing down on your head leaving you a weeping, exhausted mess? Day 3’s got nothing on Day 18. We’d hit a bit of a rough patch the […]

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Long, leggy Lucas and his freakish flappy feet

26 February 2008 Baby days

Funny that in the comments on my penultimate post, both Snackmommy and KarynB said they want to see some pix of Lucas’ baby fat rolls, because I was already planning to post a few pix to show y’all exactly what a 10 lbs 1 oz baby (now a svelte 9 lbs 12 1/4 oz, as […]

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Lucas gets to know the family

22 February 2008 Baby days
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