Ottawa Family Fun

Awesome Ottawa family fun: Ultimate Dinosaurs at the Museum of Nature

12 June 2016 Ottawa Family Fun

Did you know the Giganotosaurus, a giant meat-eating dinosaur from the southern hemisphere, was even bigger (and probably meaner!) than the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the so-called “king of the dinosaurs”? The T. Rex lived in North America about 65 million years ago, but the 13m Giganotosaurus roamed near what is now Argentina 95 to 100 million […]

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Photos of the day: Diefenbunker revisited

15 February 2016 Ottawa Family Fun

We had family in town this weekend and it was just too cold to convince everyone outside for a Winterlude adventure, so we opted for one of Ottawa’s quirkiest family adventures: a visit to the Diefenbunker in Carp. We first visited the Diefenbunker almost exactly two years ago; I remember it was another bitterly cold […]

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Photos of the day: An amazing birthday party at the Ottawa Humane Society

8 February 2016 Lucas

We’ve had a LOT of birthday party experience over the years, from bowling to trampolines to movies to art to Lego. Our new favourite party by far, though, is one hosted at the Ottawa Humane Society. We all love animals, but Lucas has shown a real affinity for them. When he did a school project […]

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10th anniversary edition: The 2015 Christmas parade post

8 November 2015 Ottawa Family Fun

Edited to add: Click this link for the 2018 Santa Claus and holiday parade info! Welcome to one of my favourite holiday traditions! 2015 marks TEN YEARS since I’ve been collating and publishing all the Christmas, Holiday and Santa Claus parades for Ottawa and Eastern Ontario and West Quebec. I feel a little bit like […]

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Five sites to help you chase the fall foliage this Thanksgiving weekend

7 October 2015 5 things

It was such a lovely, lingering summer, wasn’t it? Not everyone loves a warm autumn, though, and just a week or so ago, I was looking at the trees and wondering if our fall foliage season would be a bust. Now that we’ve had a few cool nights, though, and a soaking rain or two, […]

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Ottawa family fun: A voyageur canoe trip on the Rideau Canal

1 September 2015 Ottawa Family Fun

Great news: I have a most excellent new suggestion for an affordable family activity that involves fresh air, exercise and a fascinating and fun lesson in Ottawa history. Not so great news: the season is over until spring, so you’ll have to wait until next year to try it out for yourself. As I’ve mentioned, […]

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Photo(s) of the day: A walk at the Chapman Mills boardwalk

27 August 2015 Ah, me boys

The boardwalk at the Chapman Mills conservation area near Barrhaven has always been one of our favourite places for a wander on a summer day. I have dozens of photos of the boys on the boardwalk going back to when we had Katie and before Lucas was even in the picture, so to speak. When […]

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Photo(s) of the day: The grey wolves of Parc Omega

23 March 2015 Ottawa Family Fun

Of all the creatures great and small we saw on our Parc Omega adventure, it was the wolves that most enchanted all of us. We arrived just a few minutes before the thrice daily feeding show. They don’t actually feed the wolves a full meal, the “animator” host explained. For meal time, they actually drag […]

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Photo of the day: Parc Omega family portrait

22 March 2015 Ottawa Family Fun

We’d been planning to go to Parc Omega for the last day of March Break for a while, but we almost chickened out when the weather crapped out (again!) and the temperature was -20C (again!) early this morning. We sucked it up, dressed warmly and had an AMAZING time! Lots more to come, but this […]

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Ottawa Family Fun: Artissimo and MC Escher at the National Gallery

16 March 2015 Ottawa Family Fun

When I heard that there would be an MC Escher exhibit at the National Gallery during March Break, I knew I wanted to bring the boys. Two love art and one loves math – how could we go wrong with an exhibit about a “Mathemagician”? We added an extra kid for good measure – in […]

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