Happy holidays

Ho! Ho! Ho!-ray for Holiday Parades: the 2013 edition!

4 November 2013 Happy holidays

Edited to add: Click this link for the 2018 Santa Claus and holiday parade info! Welcome to one of my favourite holiday traditions, the 8th (!!) annual round-up of Christmas, Holiday and Santa Claus parades for Ottawa and Eastern Ontario! Wheeee! It’s another busy year for holiday parades – apparently it’s not just on Christmas […]

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The one where Santa rescues her from a ditch in a red tractor on Christmas Day (true story!!)

25 December 2012 Happy holidays

I swear on everything dear to me that every word in this story is true and absolutely without embellishment. This is exactly and honestly how it happened. We went to Granny and Papa Lou’s house for a late breakfast visit this morning. My brother and his family were going to stay an extra day, but […]

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Flashback faves: The Reindeer Rant

20 December 2012 Flashback faves

You can thank CBC Ottawa Morning for reminding me to post the annual reindeer rant today. There’s no way in a year that I’ve started mining my own content for repeats that I would forget to post my favourite seasonal repeat! And props to CBC for getting it right and saying DONDER instead of Donner. […]

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Thoughts on Christmas shopping

11 December 2012 Happy holidays

So I think I’m finished most of my Christmas shopping. (Although, perhaps unwisely, I will probably continue to buy things for the next week or so at least. Stop me before I shop again!) What’s interesting to me is not so much that I’m pretty much done two weeks before Christmas (remember, I’m an inveterate […]

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Santa? There’s an app for that

3 December 2012 Happy holidays

(Ha, I started writing this post and then remembered I’d written something similar. I dug around in the archives and found the one I was looking for, from 2009. I’m sure I haven’t looked at it since I published it three years ago, but I had taken exactly the same approach and even used some […]

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Christmas Tree Quest, 2012 edition

2 December 2012 Happy holidays

We are firmly in the ‘cut down yer own’ Christmas tree camp now. I can’t believe we resisted for as long as we did! The problem this year was that December 1 seemed a wee bit early to get one, but December 8 seemed way too late. In the end, we carpe-d the diem and […]

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The Huron Carole: raising funds, awareness and hope, one song at a time

19 November 2012 Happy holidays

Here’s a lovely idea for a night out to kick off the festive season. Next Thursday, November 29 at the Shenkman Art Centre, Tom Jackson’s The Huron Carole returns to raise funds and awareness for Canada’s hungry. Featuring Tom Jackson, Sarah Slean, Susan Aglukark and Del Barber, the concert is filled with Christmas music and […]

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365:365 Merry Always, Happy Everything!

24 December 2011 Happy holidays

Yay! This is it, the final shot in my 365 project this year, and also, my Christmas wish for all of you: May all your Christmas wishes come true! Much love from DaniGirl & Beloved, Lucas, Simon and Tristan

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A Christmas Story

20 December 2011 Happy holidays

There I was, minding my own business, playing with the Charlie Brown Christmas tree and taking pictures of the reflections in the shiny red ball … … when all of a sudden — dun dun DUN — I saw him: the Creeping Mischief Monster! And even more terrifyingly, at that exact moment, he noticed it. […]

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The annual reindeer rant – New and Improved! With Visual Aids!

15 December 2011 Happy holidays

Seriously? You thought you might get through one Christmas season without the annual Donder reindeer rant? Sorry to disappoint you. As long as I have pixels to purvey my message, the reindeer rant will play out at some time in the month of December. New around here? Darling, this one is for you! “You know […]

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