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Project 365: Half-way there!!

22 July 2009 5 things

Wow, can you believe I’ve made it to Day 183 of my Project 365? One photo every day for half a year! (Oh my sweet lord, you mean I’m only half way done? I have to come up with ANOTHER 182 photos in the next six months? Yikes!) Seriously, I am quite proud of myself. […]

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Five things about Great Wolf Lodge

6 July 2009 5 things

When planning our family vacation this year, it was Great Wolf Lodge that pulled us to Niagara Falls and not the other way around. I’d been hearing rave reviews about GWL from other families for a while, and though I thought it was rather overpriced, when my sister-in-law said she could share her teacher’s discount, […]

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Five things I learned in Niagara Falls

3 July 2009 5 things

We’re freshly back from three days in Niagara Falls. It was a terrific trip for many reasons, including spending time with our extended family and excellent behaviour on the part of all five kids in attendance. Here, in no particular order, are five things I learned in Niagara Falls. (The “five things” bit is a […]

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