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Five lessons I learned during my first family portrait shoot

5 April 2010 5 things

Look what I did this weekend! No, I didn’t go out and have another boy… but after spending a lovely morning taking pictures of Baby Everitt and his sweet parents, I sure was thinking about it!! Everitt is the son of my friends Sheila and Rob, and this was my first ever not-my-family photo shoot! […]

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Five warm and frost-free indoor places to visit on Family Day

13 February 2010 5 things

The weather forecast for Family Day in Ottawa looks just about perfect for Winterlude’s outdoor activities, which means that the entire population and half the tourists will be skating on the Canal or zooming down the ice slides at Jacques Cartier Park. Had enough of outside? (If you haven’t, here’s five ideas of free things […]

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Five ideas for Family Literacy Day

26 January 2010 5 things

Did you know that Wednesday January 27 is Family Literacy Day in Canada? From the Web site: Family Literacy Day takes place every year on January 27. ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation and Honda Canada created the day in 1999 to encourage families to read and learn together. […] Literacy is more than books. There are […]

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Five things that are making me happy this Christmas

23 December 2009 5 things

I have to tell you, I love the (relatively) new category I’ve added of “5 things.” On days like this when I’ve got a handful of half-baked ideas that just won’t come together, or when I feel like chatting with you but can’t get organized enough to assemble a coherent post, I can always crunch […]

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Five ways to interact with Santa

7 December 2009 5 things

Back in the day, the only ways you could “interact” with Santa were to stand in line at the mall to sit on his knee, or maybe at your parents’ annual company Christmas party. Now that we live in an interactive world, though, not only can your kids write a letter to Santa, or listen […]

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Five things I love about my Mazda 5

12 November 2009 5 things

As you may remember, I made a (ahem) somewhat involuntary switch from driving a Dodge Grand Caravan to a Mazda 5 last July, when I wrecked the van and it burst into flames. (You know, I’m still a little twitchy even five months later?) I’ve been meaning to write a follow-up post for months. Even […]

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Celebrating four decades with 5 things about Sesame Street

10 November 2009 5 things

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the debut of Sesame Street. I love Sesame Street madly and deeply, and have since I was a preschooler. I may have mentioned that once or two dozen times before. You know who else loves Sesame Street? My kids. Of all the children’s programming we have on DVD and […]

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Five ideas for family fun in Ottawa this Thanksgiving weekend

10 October 2009 5 things

Looking for some family fun this Thanksgiving long weekend in Ottawa? Here’s five ideas! (Edited to add: please note this post was written in October 2009. The last four points still apply, but the Lego exhibit was, alas, in 2009 only. In 2012 I wrote a new post with five MORE ideas for Thanksgiving activities […]

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Five things that are freaking me out about H1N1

1 October 2009 5 things

Are y’all feeling a little freaked out by H1N1, the so-called “swine flu”? I’m not usually one to get my knickers in a twist over the panic-du-jour (Y2K, avian flu, computer viruses — why are all the major media panic-attacks linked to either computer or human viruses anyway?) but this one is slowly but surely […]

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Five things that are making me cranky

28 September 2009 5 things

It’s Monday and I’m feeling peevish. Consider yourself warned. When I’m finally and properly annointed Queen of the Universe, here’s the first five things I’m going to fix. 1. Twitter and Internet Explorer 6. For the last couple of weeks, Twitter has been on a campaign to kill IE6. In fact, it’s not just Twitter, […]

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