Photos of the day: Driveway sledding

by DaniGirl on January 17, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sometimes on a Saturday afternoon, you don’t have enough time to get the gang out to the local sledding hill, but you need to get the kids out of the house. They’re not great about finding their own entertainment, but once I pulled down a few sleds, there was fun to be had.

The drainage ditch at the foot of the yard isn’t huge, but when you’re seven, you don’t really need much!

driveway sliding-2

driveway sliding-3

driveway sliding-4

driveway sliding

When you’re almost 14, you might need something a little more adventurous.

driveway sliding-5

driveway sliding-7

And where big brother goes, little brother soon follows.

driveway sliding-6

Sliding on the driveway has not heretofore been an officially sanctioned activity, primarily because the cedar hedge prevents you from seeing oncoming traffic that tends to come rather quickly over a hill just down the road, and because we have enough trouble getting the cars up the driveway without encouraging an ice ramp.

Some rules were made to be broken, I suppose. And the third child always seems to be the beneficiary.

driveway sliding-8

I’m really starting to love the idea of lifestyle photography like this for families. If you’d like to invite me along to capture your family adventure, whether it is sledding or skating or building a snowman, get in touch!

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