Photo of the day: Crab apple blossom pistils

by DaniGirl on May 22, 2015 · 0 comments

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Can you tell I had fun with the crab apple tree in the front yard? I’m sad that I never got to take advantage of it as a backdrop for portraits, but delighted that I got to take advantage of it as a subject for portraits!

Apple blossom petals, stamen, stigma and style

Now I’m knowledgeable about apple blossom parts – those bits sticking up are the pistils, and the yellow bit on top is the anther. I love how the various parts of the blossom and leaf swim into and out of focus, depending on where the very thin field of focus falls, to give you hints of what exactly you’re looking at but not the whole picture.

I may have one or two other crab apple blossoms yet to share. The photos seem to have a longer lifespan than the blossoms themselves!

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