Photo of the day: Amateur tulips

by DaniGirl on May 9, 2015 · 0 comments

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So I’m kneeling at the edge of the tulip bed in a skirt with my iPhone, trying to frame this shot without exposing my netherbits to the spring sunshine and I’m aware of the dude who has come up behind me with a tripod and ginormous lens but I’m almost done and I’ll soon be out of his way.

A second guy comes up and asks him if he’s done yet and the first guy says quietly but clearly enough for me to hear, ‘Just waiting for amateur-hour to get out of the way.’ I shoot them an evaluative look over my shoulders and decide I’m feeling cheeky.

“You know,” I say, with a bit of a smile, “I made over three grand last year selling photos that I took with my iPhone.” Dude #1 looks somewhere between chastened and mortified but dude #2 is fascinated and we chat amiably for 10 minutes about selling stock while dude #1 sends death-glare eye daggers at his buddy.

Also? Because tulips!

(Sorry if we’re friends on Facebook and you’re seeing this story for the second time, but it was too fun not to share on the blog.)

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