Photo of the day: Stalking Chef Michael Smith at the Flavour Shack

Remember how my mom said I should call our trip to PEI “Stalking Chef Michael Smith“? Well we couldn’t very well come all the way here without making the drive up the coast to Souris, PEI, to see his brand new (9 days old!) shop the Flavour Shack, could we?

At the Flavour Shack

Is it ironic that my favourite photo of the trip is one I didn’t take? Not only are the peeps in the Flavour Shack the kindest, most friendly peeps in all of a province that seems to be swarming with kind and friendly peeps, but one just happened to be a photographer as well. And as we were posing, they were pulling out an apron for me to wear (I later bought my own!) and then suddenly Beloved was wearing the jacket of Chef Michael himself!

We loved the Flavour Shack, and I can’t wait to find five peaceful minutes to peruse my new (autographed!) Fast Flavours cookbook. I have tonnes more photos to share of Souris and Basin Head beach and our sea glass bounty too, but first I have to get organized for the long drive tomorrow. Last night in PEI, and it was a perfect day and perfect way to end the trip. Happy anniversary indeed!

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