Funniest use of a photo yet

by DaniGirl on December 27, 2013 · 1 comment

in Mothership Photography

Ha ha ha ha! This may be the best, weirdest use of one of my photos yet!

You know I license some of my photos through Getty Images, right? I’ve been collecting some of my favourites on my photography Facebook page – they’ve been used in calendars, flyers, websites, books and in magazines like Good Housekeeping and Macleans. This, however, is the one that made me laugh the loudest.

Rolling Stone magazine (!!) licensed this benign photo of my living room:

8 hrs of Christmas 4  pm

and added a little je ne sais quoi for a piece on thrash metal Christmas songs.

Rolling Stone Magazine, baby!

It’s not quite the cover of the Rolling Stone (like the old song says) but it’s made me look at the living room in a whole new light! (And if you had told my 17 year old self that some day Rolling Stone magazine would buy and publish one of my photos, I would have laughed and called you a lunatic!)

Hope you are all having a Christmas filled with wonder and delight! :)

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1 Sarah McCormack December 29, 2013 at 9:39 pm

that totally rocks Dani!

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