Target arrives in Ottawa at last!

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I had only been to Target once. We’d heard so much about the store that we took a special detour to visit one on a trip through Maine back in 2007. I have friends who raved about their love of Target, though, and was as excited as anyone to see what they might bring to Ottawa’s retail landscape.

This week, the lovely peeps at Billings Bridge offered an exclusive sneak peek for bloggers, and I was hugely disappointed to realize that their special “blogger breakfast” would happen at the exact time I was scheduled to be dropping Bella off at the spay/neuter clinic (a post for another day). And I was delighted when they said, “No problem, drop by any time on opening day and we’ll leave a gift card out for you to enjoy your day shopping with us.” Lovely, eh?

So that’s how I found myself battling the crowds just a few hours after the new Target store in Billings Bridge threw open its doors to the public. The very first thing that impressed me was how orderly everything was. Though it was clearly full (the jammed parking lot was a testament to that) the store did not have that chaotically crowded feel, and smiling staff members were everywhere offering cheerful assistance. Maybe I’m just sentimental for the old Zellers, but I really do think they retained just the right amount of Zellers’ feel, but just a little bit more organized and upscale. It’s pretty much what I always wanted Zellers to be!

I had two goals in mind. Simon needed new indoor shoes and Lucas needed a new spring jacket. I found both within a few minutes of looking. Props to Target for having a decent selection of boy fashion, by the way! Goal achieved, I took a more leisurely browse, and look what I found!

Starbucks + Target = Love 🙂

It’s been fun watching friends post their about their first visit to Target this week, although I’m clearly out of the fashion loop as most of the lines and brands people are raving about are pretty much Greek to me. I can tell you that I was delighted to see a whole section of my old 80s favourite, Beaver Canoe, and I may need a Beaver Canoe wool toggle coat for the fall. I think Target will become a new go-to place for home decoration, too. There was a multi-coloured loop chenille rug in the kids’ section that I was just barely able to leave behind.

Speaking of great shopping, have you been to Billings Bridge lately? I worked at the tax centre nearby for years a lifetime ago, but haven’t been lately. They’ve got some great shops in there, including my new favourite shoe store, The Shoe Company. I really enjoyed Target, but I have to tell you I was way more excited about the deals I found there on my trip to Billings Bridge! Shoes for Tristan and me and winter boots for Lucas all for just over $100. Score!

Were you anxiously awaiting the arrival of Target? Have you had a chance to check them out yet? What did you think and more important, what did you get??

Disclosure: Billings Bridge gave me a Target gift card to enjoy during my visit to the store. However, you know that opinions on this blog are always my own.

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