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Although I post them fairly regularly on Flickr as I find them, I don’t think I’ve ever written a blog post to show you some of the fun and quirky uses I’ve found for the photos I’ve licensed through Getty Images over the last couple of years. Some are lovely, some are delightful and some are just a little bit odd. Here’s a few of my favourites!

My little puddle jumper gets around! I’ve shared with you the use by a bank in the UK and the water colour painting inspired by Lucas and his puddle, and here’s another lovely story to add to this photo’s awesome karma. Apparently the Honest Toddler peeps saw my photo on Pinterest and they tracked me down to ask my permission to use it on their Facebook page. As always, I pointed them toward Getty Images, as I’m not allowed to grant any rights for photos represented by Getty. They bought a license that day and replied within the day to show me how they’d used it. How’s that for a lovely story of a company who respects copyright and integrity? Apparently they really are the HONEST company. 🙂

And Beloved is chuffed that a company owned by Jessica Alba likes this photo of his kid. 😉

Found in the wild - The Honest Company

I have to tell you, this recent one made me laugh out loud. I can’t take any credit for the Mike Duffy part of this composite, but that photo of snowy Parliament Hill in the background is definitely mine. I was especially delighted that this was the photo to go with a Scott Feschuk column in Macleans. 🙂

Found - Macleans illustration

(This is actually my second appearance in Macleans – remember this one?)

Proud Canadian

The Parliament Building shots are popular. Microsoft Canada used this one (bottom left image) on their Corporate Citizenship page but they put their own weird colour filter on it.

Found - Microsoft Canada site

And this is kind of fun: I went downtown and took a picture, which I licensed through an international corporation, and it was used by a business right around the corner from my house in Manotick. Small world!

Found - Parliament tulips

So my most popular themes are my puddle jumper, the Parliament Buildings… and Willie the cat.

Found in the wild - Misbehaving Willie

Found in the wild - Willie in Good Housekeeping Magazine!

Screen cap - Getty sale

(Such a cheerful animal, isn’t he? Just radiates love and sweetness! I’m still tickled by the headline “cutest slideshow ever”.)

The less cuddly creatures are popular photos, too:

Found in the wild - Caiman sale

found - snake

This is one of the more unusual uses I’ve found – someone turned my photo into what I *think* is a scrapbook. Any native Japanese speakers care to offer some insight? 😉

Found - Japanese scrap book

This one is an academic journal.

Found in the wild - Multi-Mom

There have been some big-name publishers, too.

Found in the wild - Businessweek

Global News:

Found - RCMP fueling up Global News

Found -

And the Times of London:

Found in the wild - The Times of London

It’s neat to see them being used, eh? I have over 100 unique photos that have been sold, but most of them have sold more than once. (My biggest seller is still puddle jumper with eleven sales!) But I’ll only ever see the ones that end up on the web in one form or the other – I figure this represents maybe 10% of the sales.

If you’re curious, here’s the set of photos that have sold and another set of all the ones I’ve found online.

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1 Jen June 25, 2013 at 7:46 pm

very cool! (and the ‘puddle jumper’ has always been one of my favourite pictures!)

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