This week in pictures: Suddenly springtime summer!

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So, how ’bout that weather, eh? We had seven months of winter, two transitional weeks of spring and BOOM! Summer in May. And I am totally fine with that.

I don’t know whether it is the warmer temperatures or long hours of sunshine or just the fact that I’ve finally shaken the ennui that’s been dogging me for months, but my world was incredibly photogenic this week. (If you follow me on instagram, you’ll see what a prolific week it was.) Here’s my favourite signs of spring summer this week:

Hard to believe the daffies were still just waking up last weekend, but they were.

Daffies waking up

On Sunday, we celebrated the triumph of summer over spring with one of our favourite fair-weather activities, a ride down to McHaffie’s flea market near Morrisburg. We didn’t actually buy any of these things, but I loved each of them. Raise your hand if you had a suitcase record player like this when you were a kid. *raises hand* Mine was green.

Flea market awesomeness

I already told you how amazing We Day was, but I still owe you a post from the boys. It’s coming, I promise!

National We Day in Ottawa - St Leonard shout-out

We are spending a LOT of time in the backyard. She’s an excellent fetcher!

Get the ball!

And then not only did the daffies wake up, but the tulips did, too!

Spring garden

I’ve been wandering around, Instagramming downtown on my lunch breaks. These were all from the same day, but I thought they were shareworthy. The scaffolding on the National Gallery is fascinating to me. Apparently they are turning the scaffolding (necessary for repairs on the window seals) into some sort of secret art exhibit to be unveiled later in May. I’ll keep you posted! In the interim, I think the scaffolding is a bit of an art project in itself!

National Gallery deconstructed

The Ottawa River may yet spill her banks enough to flood the bike path at the base of Parliament Hill, but I’m pretty sure the basement of the Parliament Buildings will remain safe and dry.

Parliament on the Hill

Bikes! (I chose this one as the official photo of the day.)


And last but not least, we paid our first visit with Bella to the dog park in Manotick. It’s still pretty mucky and I am not yet ready to let her off leash lest she (a) make a run for the river or (b) run off home with a better family. While Bella was a little overwhelmed by all the other dogs, Lucas loved the park!

He's stumped!

So apparently it’s summer now. What are YOU doing this weekend to celebrate?

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