This week in photos: Banners and birthdays and brrrr!

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This has been a week bookended by birthdays and full of brrrr. Oh my good god, is winter not over YET?

Saturday was warm and cozy inside the house as Simon celebrated his 9th birthday party with a few good friends.

Simons party

These horses were from Manotick’s shiverfest a few weeks back but I didn’t get around to posting them at the time. I love the frost on their faces, poor things!

Shiverfest horses

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been playing with ideas for new blog banners on and off for quite a while now. This was a failed attempt:

Typewriter and camera

But then I finally stumbled in to what I really wanted. Once I had the idea down, it didn’t take me long to put these together:

Blog banners

Did I mention it was cold this week? This month? Seriously, has this not been a particularly cold, snowy winter? Poor Lucas fell asleep in the car with his hands shoved deep into his pockets for warmth.

Winter car nap, with hands in pockets. Baby it's cold outside!

I got so sick of the cold that with 15 cm of snow in the forecast I went hunting through my archives looking for signs of spring and warmth. A little over the top, maybe, but that’s how I’m feeling about warm spring sunshine right about now!

Dear Spring, I miss you. Come back soon!

And then, Lucas turned FIVE!

Happy birthday Lucas!

The nice thing about birthday season is that once it’s done in mid-March, spring really is just around the corner. We’re getting there!

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