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by DaniGirl on September 8, 2012 · 1 comment

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And suddenly it was September. Even though summer is still with us for another couple of weeks, it’s hard not to see the beginning of September as the end of summer. We had a pretty good time celebrating the end of summer this week!

Don’t believe summer is over yet? Try telling Mother Nature! (I love how this came out with the brush stroke textures – thinking this one needs some wall space somewhere!)

Autumn begins

I love to quote Mark Twain on golf, about how it’s the ruin of an otherwise lovely afternoon’s walk, but I can’t say I have the same disinterest in putt putt. I’ve always loved it, but it’s only now that all three boys are old enough to actually play. We went to MiniGolf Gardens on Merivale on a sunny Saturday afternoon, which meant it was crazy busy – but even then we played two full rounds of 18 holes and found it a great way to spend an afternoon.

#fromwhereistand - putt putt!

Another great way to spend an afternoon is to head up to Kelly’s Landing on River Road and get ice cream cones to enjoy while you sit by the Rideau and covet other people’s boats.

Happy last day of summer

When you’re on a bit of an obsessive mission to wring every last bit of enjoyment out of summer, a stop at the park is in order as well.


And then, it was the first day of school. Grade 5, Grade 3, and Junior Kindergarten — I can’t believe all three boys are officially in school now. I like how someone commented on this picture on Flickr that all three boys were smiling, but in three very different ways.

First day of school

They tolerate the posed pictures, but the outtakes are always my favourites. 🙂


Last year was the summer of Uno on the porch, but this year our game of choice was Yahtzee. Many happy hours were spent rolling the dice this summer. (Shhhh, don’t tell the boys they were working on their math skills the whole time!)


This is the sky over Manotick as the sun rose on Friday morning, pretty much exactly how it looked – no filters, no post-processing. The colours were amazing!

Fiery sunrise over Manotick

As much as I adore summer, I have to admit that there’s a wee tiny part of me that’s relieved about the return to routine that September brings. What do you think? Are you happy to be back to routine, or would you stay in summer mode forever if you could? Or is there no big change from August into September for you?

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1 Carly September 10, 2012 at 9:30 am

We had a rough summer – it certainly didn’t go as planned in any way, shape or form. And while things are pretty much back to normal now, I do feel we were cheated a wee bit. So this year, for one of the first times ever, I was sad to see the tail end of August.

I love the fall and the fresh feeling of September’s new beginnings and I’m loving even more that I’ve still a bit of time left on my maternity leave to enjoy it without work getting in the way. Still, there are more than a few summer “events” that I’d like a do-over for.


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