This week in pictures: Celebrating the last week of summer

by DaniGirl on September 3, 2012 · 1 comment

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Wait, what? It’s September already? How the heck did that happen?

This past week was a bit of a disappointment in some ways. I’d booked the week off ages ago, way back in the spring, knowing we had no child care and that Beloved would be back at work. I figured the boys and I could have a week to do all the fun stuff we never got around to doing for the rest of summer, and blow out the last week of summer together in style. Then the flu mowed us down like dandelions. The boys were each sick for a day or two and I, who haven’t had so much as a cold in more than a year, was knocked completely on my ass for a couple of days. So while we still had fun, it didn’t quite live up to the week I’d been planning. (Then again, does it ever?)

When you’re really feeling out of it, there’s always the old typewriter to pull out an interesting picture or two. No need to leave the bed for this one!


By Sunday I was up enough for a walk into the village for ice cream, with a stop at the wonderful Dickinson House museum. This beaver pelt hat is pretty much the reason Canada exists.

Sharp dressed man

On Monday, I fulfilled a longstanding promise (and a coupon!) by finally trekking out to Funhaven with the boys. I was very, very impressed, not just with the facilities and the prices, but also with the self-serve frozen-yogurt bar, the Deal or No Deal game (addictive!), and the fact that they not only let me bring my coffee (that I was clutching in a rather talismanic manner) but commented on it and absolved me of my guilt in trying to smuggle it in. Loved Funhaven, we’ll be back soon!

Bumper car fun

On Tuesday, we drove down a little south of Kemptville to another new adventure, a visit at Saunders Country Critters Zoo. You might remember hearing about them when their wallaby escaped a few years ago during a storm. I have mixed feelings about roadside zoos like this one. On the one hand, the boys love seeing the animals, and watching the owner/keeper interact with the animals at feeding time, it’s clear they’re well loved and cared for. On the other hand, well, animals aren’t meant to be penned up like this. We did have a great time – it’s a mellow little place, perfect for a wander on a quiet summer morning.


Wednesday was reserved for dental appointments. Be happy that I left the picture-taking to the dental hygienist. But oy, there is nothing like three hygiene appointments (and six follow-up appointments for various bits of work) to make you drop to your knees and thank god for your health insurance plans. And also, butterflies!

Monarch on thistle

Oops! This was on the itinerary for the week, but we never did get around to it. But I found this photo in my phone from last week. That counts, right? Ceremonial Guard, marching past the Chateau Laurier on their way to the changing of the guard on Parliament Hill.

They stand on guard for thee

Fog, fences and sunrise, because even though I’ve wandered from the theme of summer fun, they are irresistible to me and my camera.

Foggy Fenced Friday

Not the quite the week I’d planned, but looking back it was a pretty good week anyway, if you look past the coughing and the kleenex. I can’t believe school starts back this week – this was an amazing summer but yeesh, it sure flew by quickly.

So how was YOUR summer?

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1 Sara September 3, 2012 at 4:50 pm

We has an awesome summer but it was waaaayy to short! Love the last shot

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