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I took so many pictures while on our road trip last week that they spilled over in to this week as well. And with the transition to the new computer and other technical foibles, there hasn’t been as much time for pictures as there ordinarily would be on a vacation week.

I started the week on a wonderful photographic high note. Christa and I used to work together just after Tristan was born, but it’s been a long time since we lost touch. I was delighted when she got in touch earlier this summer to book a portrait session with her kids and her visiting sister’s four month old baby. (July is certainly developing a bit of a cousin theme, isn’t it?) It was one of those photo sessions that was easy and playful and fun. How adorable are these cousins?

Porch portraits - cousins!

Speaking of cousins, here’s the last day of our visit in London last week, which looks a lot like most of the days we were in London. Sean, be prepared to have us spending a LOT more time at your new place in future summers!

fun in the pool-5

And finally, the last (I think) of the road trip/wide angle series. When I’d rented the wide-angle lens, I had two specific types of shot in mind. One was beach, and the other was the rolling farm land north of London. (If I wasn’t a fisherman’s wife in a former life, I was certainly a farmer’s wife, because I am torn as to which landscape I love more. My ideal patch of land is a rolling farm abutting the ocean!)

These, I found out, are oats.

Farm country, wide angle

Sneaking this one in, too, because I waffled endlessly over which of these two would make it as shot of day. I love the iconic hay bale and tractor. I swear, I see these hay bales in the countryside and want to stop and photograph them every single time!

Farm country, wide angle

Speaking of things that make me happy: sunflowers!

Sunflower season = happy!

There’s a guy who hangs around the Market sometimes with a half a dozen parrots. He makes a couple of bucks by sitting the parrots on people’s shoulder and then selling them the picture. He happened to be out front of the Chateau the other day when I was walking by and I liked the contrast of these wild birds sitting on a feeder in an urban environment.

A pair of parrots

My friend Valerie came for a visit this week and we walked with the kids to Watson’s Mill and the used bookstore. These antique scales in the mill caught my eye, and I like this quote from Henri Matisse to go with it: “What I dream of is an art of balance.”

"What I dream of is an art of balance." ~ Henri Matisse

And speaking of art – it’s hard NOT to take this picture because this is what Lucas does for literally hours each day. I’ll post some of his drawings one of these days, they’re really quite astonishing for a four year old who hasn’t even started school yet. Lately he’s been copying video game boxes, complete with the words. He doesn’t know what the letters are yet, but he copies them legibly and even decoratively. It’s truly amazing – I can’t wait to see what his teachers think of him!


Today I have a porch session with a little guy I first met last summer when I did family portraits with him, his parents and his grandparents in the park. What a great honour to have people come back for new and updated pictures after a year!

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