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by DaniGirl on July 22, 2012 · 2 comments

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Oh my goodness, I have taken SO MANY pictures this week. It kind of amazes me that I am still so passionate about photography, and that even after turning it into a viable business, it still remains something I love to do. Not only do I love chasing a good photo, but I am so delighted to be able to capture moments like family visits. Both my brother and Beloved’s sister live out of town, and it’s great to be able to preserve memories of our all-too-rare times together.

This was a mobile shot of the first day of our road trip. We left Ottawa just after 7 am and arrived in Windsor in time for dinner. It was crazy stinking hot, but the kids were terrific and the drive was surprisingly easy. Next time we’re leaving at 5 am!!

Road trip!

It was only in seeing my nephew’s stepson and Lucas together that I realize Lucas is no longer a chubby toddler himself. When exactly did that happen?

road trip-7

After a (too) quick visit with family in Windsor, we traveled with them to spend a day at Greenview Aviaries just outside of Chatham, which is conveniently about half way between Windsor and London. My brother and his family came down from London and met us there as well. This is the first time since Beloved and I got married that we were able to spend time with both sides of the family like this, and I am so happy it worked out. Even a rather spectacular thunder storm and nearly losing Lucas (my heart still races when I remember those terrifying 3 minutes when I couldn’t find him) didn’t dampen the fun. This is my niece and Lucas.

greenview aviaries 7

(Not an official photo of the day, but I couldn’t not include a photo of my brother making out with a camel. I’m sure you understand.)

Greenview Aviaries visit

That night we stayed with my brother’s family in London. God forbid we not spend more hours in the car, for the next day we headed off to Lake Huron for a few hours. One of the things I miss most about my childhood in London is the easy access to the beaches on Lake Huron. I think I was a fisherman in a previous life, because just being near the water makes my soul sing.

Sunset on Lake Huron-6

Sunset on Lake Huron - #fromwhereistand

Sunset on Lake Huron-5

With the exception of the mobile shot of Lucas above, all of these photos were taken with the 10-20mm wide angle lens I rented for the week. OMG how much do I love it? Not exactly for portraiture, but great for sweeping vistas and landscape shots. I specifically chose to rent it for this trip, knowing that a beach visit was likely, and also thinking about the farm land that surrounds London. One morning at dawn when I was up before everyone else, I crept out and drove around the concession roads north of town, which have not changed a bit since I was a child. This is the kind of shot I had in mind when I rented the lens.

farm tree

All good things must come to an end. This is four of five cousins and one very pesky puppy enjoying our last morning together, before the six-hour drive back home to Ottawa.


Willie? Did not really miss us while we were gone.

Wide Willie-2

And then, sadly, the wide angle lens also had to go home. We made a day trip out of our trek to return it, stopping by Sugar Mountain on the way.

Kids in a candy store

What a week!! And that was just the FIRST week of our summer vacation – there’s still several more to come!

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1 Sara July 25, 2012 at 10:21 am

AMAZING photos Dani. The tree shot is awesome! The one of the boys and their cousins on the pier – beautiful. What a great memory, and a pretty fabulous gift it would make for your parents!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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