This week in pictures: The colours of summer

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This week’s pictures are almost all about colour and light. I think because I’ve been feeling kind of scattered, I’ve been drawn to the basics – beautiful colour, delicious light.

Speaking of delicious and colours, did you beets come in different colours? When I stopped to admire the orange beets at this stall in the Byward Market, the vendor did a great sales pitch on all the varieties of beets and how you can cook them. I’ve only ever tried pickled beets, and I have to say I’m not much of a fan, but slicing up some of those orange beets and grilling them sounded pretty darn good to me! Maybe I’ll try that one of these days.

Beets and carrots

Also delicious? Ontario strawberries. I bought some local ones and some trucked-in California strawberries one day, and could not believe the difference in colour, in size and in the heavenly smell from the local ones. The trucked-in ones were barely a shadow of the local ones, even if they were four times the size.

Ontario strawberries

I like the blue of this summer sky juxtaposed against the red of the strawberries. It’s all about the colour!

Summer cloud

And then when I’m feeling arty-farty, it’s about no colour at all. Tristan and I rode our bikes down to the Long Island Locks on Sunday morning to admire the fog before it lifted.

Foggy morning at the locks

Still stubbornly chasing a self-portrait that doesn’t make me cringe. Not there yet…


I love this picture. It makes me snicker. I was driving home near sunset and the way the setting sun was lighting up this herd of cows near Fallowfield caught my eye. I stopped, and as I crouched near the fence, this cow ambled over to take a closer look at what I was doing. It was actually a bit of a tough shot to get because if I exposed for the cow, the beautiful sky would be blown out, but if I exposed for the sky, the cow and foreground were too dark. And if I used the 50mm lens stuck on my Nikon, I couldn’t get enough of the scene in my frame. My iPhone did a pretty good job, eh? I used a terrific app called Camera+ that lets you choose where in the frame you want to expose for, so I moved it around until I had things more or less balanced. (If you want a serious camera app for your iPhone, this is the one I’d recommend.)

Mooooove along, strange lady with the iPhone!

I really saved the best for last this week. I did a portrait session with a fabulous family on Saturday, and I’ll save the rest of the story for the blog post I promise I’ll write soon with more photos from this amazingly fun session. Suffice to say, I was a little nervous going in because I was intimidated by the idea of working with teenagers. I needn’t have worried, they were awesome!


I had such a hard time choosing between that last picture and this next one as my photo-of-the-day as I loved them both (and a good number of other shots from that session, too!) How cute is this couple?

Happy couple

And you see that sparkle in them? They’re just like that in person. Lovely, sweet people and I can’t wait to share the other fun pictures from that session!

And now today, back to my kid comfort zone: I’m doing a session on the porch this morning with yet another family of five (is five the new four or what?) ranging in age from 6.5 months to four years old. Yay for babies!

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