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I realized just the other day that every single one of my pictures last week featured flowers somehow. This week, I very nearly did it again. Hungry for colour much? The colour of the week seems to be pink, inspired largely by the lilacs and apple blossoms that my camera (and my nose!) simply can’t resist.

And of course, these two lovely girls who came for porch portraits last weekend are also pretty in pink.

G girls

I bought myself a Mother’s Day present with some of my Getty earnings and it finally arrived this week even though I’d bought it on eBay weeks before. (Argh, now I know why I don’t buy stuff from eBay more often. What a convoluted, annoying process!) I have a few favourite prime lenses, notably a 50mm f1.4 that I use almost all the time. As I found myself occasionally tripping over branches or running out of space in a room trying to “zoom with my feet”, I began to covet a decent zoom lens to upgrade the 18-55mm kit lens that came with my Nikon D40 back in the day.

Everyone seems to love and recommend the 24-70 mm f2.8 lens, but the price tag near $2K put it way out of my reach. Way. After quite a bit of searching and researching, I found a used 35-70 mm f2.8 for sale on eBay. Nikon stopped making these back in 2007 or 2008, but all the reviews I read said it was nearly equivalent to the 24-70 mm at about 1/5 the price (and it weighs less, too.) I was very leery of buying camera gear via eBay, but I lucked out. The lens arrived in perfect condition, and I love it. It’s a beast compared to my tiny little nifty fifty, but it’s a sweet lens and it has something I’ve never had before – a macro feature. So now I can get up close and personal with my lilacs!

Lilacs, meet new lens! ;)

I liked that one so much, I went back for more later in the week, and stacked on a texture, too.

lilacs with flair (erm, flare)

(You wish Flickr had smell-o-vision for these ones. Heavenly!)

Speaking of Mother’s Day, this is how our Mother’s Day adventure in Almonte looked. (There is a blog post to be written with much more detail. Consider this a teaser.)

Mother's Day in Almonte

This is me in the grass. I spent a while thinking about how to do this one, but I’m still not sure about the self-portraits.


The caption on Flickr says it all for this one. I called it “happy”. Because I am. (And that’s a good place to be.)


Tristan is taking a few extra guitar lessons to make up for ones that had been cancelled earlier, so last night I walked him over to the music school after dinner. On the way home, I put the new lens through its paces, and came up with this – “an evening walk in Manotick.” It’s a kind of a companion piece to the collage I made almost exactly a year ago.

Manotick evening walk

Here’s to wishing you a picture-perfect long weekend to launch the summer season! 🙂

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