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I started picking up my camera again instead of just snapping pictures with my iPhone this week. The iPhone is great for stuff, colours and shapes and contrasts and whatnot, but only the Nikon does justice to people, and taking pictures of people is truly what I love about photography. (Photographing stuff comes in really handy, though, when the people in my life see the camera pointed at them for the 100th time in a week and tell me to stuff it!)

I love this little farm. It’s not too far from the house and I drive past it every day. I love how it’s up on the bluff like that, standing up against the sky and offering that iconic silhouette that I simply can’t resist. I liked how the big sky seemed to be looming on it when I was driving past as the gloaming crept out to swallow the last of the daylight one evening last week.

Big sky, little farm

I love this picture. LOVE it! Tristan and I went for a walk one night after dinner, and one of the neighbours had left a small pile of junk at curb, so we happily rooted through it looking for treasure. I think I might have whooped with glee when I found this frame. Tristan was equally excited and volunteered to carry a few other less savoury, more garbagey pieces home, too, but we satisfied ourselves with the frame. He was giddy the rest of the walk home, keen to tell Beloved that “crazy garbage picking wife” was at it again — with his help. 🙂 And then when we got home, he was not only happy to pose a few times to take the new frame for a test run, but even suggested this pose of him “bursting out of the frame.” I can’t believe my good fortune with this one, and can’t wait to use it during porch portraits this year! (If you’re reading on Sunday, you can even look up at the “picture of the day” box at the top of the right sidebar and see that I’m already making good use of it!)

Framed! (2 of 2)

I’ve lost count of the number of pictures I have of Lucas engaged in various crafty endeavours. His intense concentration — and the fact that he’s sitting more or less perfectly still for a change! — make this pose one of the “low hanging fruit” pictures in my repertoire.

Lucas painting Easter crafts

Speaking of photographing Lucas while he’s engaged in favourite activities, puzzles is another easy one. There’s an Instagram/mobile meme called “From Where I Stand” that I like a lot. I’ve played along a few times, and this is my latest contribution. I’m not quite sure why this is so grainy – must be the filter I used when I boosted the saturation to make the reds and blues pop. Oh well.

#fromwhereistand - puzzled

This is actually almost a year old. I was looking for something in Lightroom and found this photo that I’d never posted before. Lucas is “building” his Thomas & Friends Tough Trike from FisherPrice. He still loved peddling around on that thing!

Tuning up his bike

Hey, remember last year when I went through my “texturizing” phase? Yeah, me too! (Also? The daffies are blooming in my garden! Yay!)


Speaking of blooming, I was delighted to find and capture an image of this rare specimen of the rural Easter shrub as it bursts into its brief, annual period of eggy bloom.

The rare rural Easter shrub bursts into eggy flower on bright spring days.

I’m getting ahead of myself with this one, as it’s officially part of next week’s pictures, but I loved it so much I had to share it. My inlaws called on Wednesday and asked if we had plans for Easter, wondering if they could pay a quick visit. It was a beautiful day and we had a great (and photogenic) time colouring eggs and going for a giant walk and then out to dinner to my new favourite restaurant, Burgers on Main in Manotick. (Really, I need several posts to do this all justice!) But this photo just about perfectly sums up our brief, blissful visit: Beloved’s dad and Lucas.


Some things are too sweet not to be shared.

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