Oh Tim Hortons, how you vex me

I am crazy busy this week. I don’t have time for Internet drama (but oh, there is drama) and I don’t have time for the forecasted 30+ cm of snow between now and Friday (seriously!) and I really don’t have time to talk at any length about coffee. But as we discussed on Twitter this weekend, it’s a simple fact of life: coffee sometimes trumps all.

I just got a press release from Tim Hortons. I am still not sure I’ve forgiven them for their Christmas cup faux pas, but I wanted to put this out there for your opinion. Apparently, they’ve broadened their coffee cup line so that starting next Monday a small is now an extra-small, a large is now a medium and an extra-large is four ounces bigger than it used to be.

From the press release:

Tim Hortons announced it will be brewing its biggest cup yet, with this month’s introduction of a brand new extra large cup. Beginning January 23rd, the new cup will offer coffee lovers across Canada a premium quality, extra large coffee at a value price. To accommodate the brand new cup, the names of the other hot cup sizes have shifted: the original small is now extra small, the medium is now small and so forth. The change in names of the hot cup sizes will apply to all hot beverages – guests will still receive the same amount of coffee for the same price, only the name of the size has changed.

I’m happy that they didn’t drop the small entirely, as since my last post on the subject of Tim’s cup sizes (hey, what can I say, I’m obsessed) I’ve grown kind of fond of the kiddie-size small — soon to be known as the extra-small. But do we really need to buy our in coffee 2/3 of a litre containers? I’m a hard-core coffee drinker and even I’m not sure I’d have many occasions to order THAT much coffee at a time.

63:365 Please play again

What say ye, bloggy peeps? Do you need your entire daily recommended dose of caffeine in one 24-ounce hit, or is there such a thing as too big a cup of coffee?

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5 thoughts on “Oh Tim Hortons, how you vex me”

  1. I think it is unnecessary, but I’ll just have to remember I want a small the few times I get a coffee without my mug. I rarely drink the current large before it gets cold and there’s nothing worse than cold coffee.

  2. About the sizes, it doesn’t matter to me. I really don’t like TH coffee – too bland. I know, I know, how can I call myself a Canadian if I won’t sit in a drive-thru line for 20 mins to get a coffee. And my cousin even works at TH corporate.

    But, that said, one big cup is too much at one time for me. I would prefer a few smaller doses over the course of the day. And it would get cold before I get a chance to drink it. Cold coffee; yuck!

  3. I also do not like TH coffee. Having said that, they are only competing with Second Cup, Starbucks and McDonald’s. I am surprised they are keeping the extra small as that was not their original intention.
    I must defend our iconic TH in mentioning that I do like their soup !

  4. there is no such thing as too big a coffee. i will be ordering that new XL with a smile on my exhausted face tomorrow morning as i drop my kids off at their 6:45 bus and train. it may actually make the 7 minute drive home.

    and as for the internet drama…make it stop:)

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