IHF Challenge: Best of Summer 2011

When I saw that this week’s theme on the I Heart Faces photography challenge was “your best picture of Summer 2011” I knew exactly which picture I would submit. I must admit, I took a lot (no, really? A LOT!) of pictures that I truly adore this summer, but this one is my very favourite.

264:365 Traveling Man

I think I love it partly because it turned out so well, and partly because it is *exactly* what I set out to do. No more happy accidents – this one was intentional, from tone to set-up to colour choices to lighting. Definitely my favourite photo from what was truly an incredibly photogenic summer! (I’ve got some adorable pictures to share with you later this week from a session this weekend with twin 21-month-old boys and their four-year-old brother, and on Saturday I’m shooting a wedding — I can hardly wait!!)

To see some really amazing contributions, as well as some great tips and tutorials – or to play along yourself! – check them out:

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  1. Yay! You do weddings too?? I’m just wondering what your prices and such are, we’re getting married next September, but in Brockville On. One of my best friends is a photographer in Toronto, and he might be off continent next swore end, so I’m looking for some backup!! If possible (and if you’re interested of course!!) could youcontact me with some info?? I do love the pictures on your blog! my email is m.Donaghue@hotmail.com and our names are Meg and Trevor 🙂 thanks so much!!

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