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by DaniGirl on August 13, 2011 · 4 comments

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I had fun with my Lensbaby Composer Pro this week, and left it on my camera for the whole week. I’ve learned a lot about getting the best possible images from it, but I may have developed a permanent crick in my left eyebrow from squinting one-eyed through the viewfinder, trying to find the focus. (Do you shoot with one eye or two? I’m so impressed by people who have mastered shooting with both eyes open, but I simply can’t do it!)

I also happened to read online that finding that focus spot is a lot easier if you use the “live view” LCD preview on the back of the camera instead of the viewfinder, but I’m not sure that’s a habit I can comfortably develop either. I think I’m just destined to have more wrinkles on the left side of my face as I squinch my eye closed! I’m also finding that my D7000 is underexposing my Lensbaby shots by at least one stop, sometimes as much as two stops, so I’ve started to shoot a bit more in manual mode. Ah, back to the good old days — manual focus AND manual exposure control. Glad I learned how to do all this stuff years ago!

I was actually trying to cut the grass when I noticed the light hitting Tristan as he played on the rope hanging from the treehouse, and stopped the lawnmower to go inside and get my camera for this one. I simply can’t resist delicious light!

225:365 Tristan on the rope

There’s not a lot of explanation for this shot, I just find myself drawn to fences and fence posts and things like this. Go figure!

228:365 Fence post

Speaking of things to which I’m drawn, oh look, it’s Watson’s Mill again! This is a reflection in the river turned upside-down so it’s right-side up.

231:365 Oh look, it's the Mill. Again. :)

One of these days I’m going to write a post about all the flowers that didn’t grow in my garden this year. These are courtesy of a neighbour. (Even after fixing this up in Lightroom, this one still seems a little muddy and underexposed to me. Hmmm.)

230:365 Black-eyed susans

This would have probably worked much better if I’d had a normal lens on my camera, but the Lensbaby was all that was within reach. Every morning around 6:30, Katie and Willie have a little play. I loved how Willie ended up in the MouseTrap box that Lucas had been playing with.

226:365 Cat trap

It’s been a while since my beautiful old Underwood has been in my photostream!

229:365 Vintage typewriter lensbaby love

And finally, I took this shot one evening last weekend when we were at the Manotick aquatic club. I like the near-abstract quality, and the sense of motion that the stretched Lensbaby bokeh gives to the image. (It’s Simon riding the cresting Daddy-whale!)

227:365 Lensbaby splash

So what do you think of the Lensbaby shots? I’m really pleased with it, although I think it has a reasonably limited utility. I’d like to try some more portraits with it, and it should be fun to take downtown with me to explore the Byward Market one lunch hour. And I think it’s the perfect lens for fall colour. But let’s not rush into fall just yet!

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1 Nat August 13, 2011 at 7:14 am

Cool shots, but it’s a bit of a one-trick pony, you know?

2 coffeewithjulie August 13, 2011 at 4:08 pm

I don’t know anything about photography, but I really do love the look it gives off. Almost a bit nostalgic and dreamy. I especially love your last shot at the pool with your Beloved and Simon.

3 Sara August 15, 2011 at 5:51 am

I love the Willie and Katie shot. Animals are so adorable.

I also love the mill, makes me think I’m dreaming.

4 DaniGirl August 16, 2011 at 9:16 am

Thanks ladies! Nat, that’s where I’m finding the Lensbaby is challenging — it *is* a kind of one-trick pony, but can I turn that around and do something unique with it? And yes, Julie and Sara, it’s the dreamy quality that I love about it — I think it can be really evocative, but you have to use it on the right kind of shot.


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