Project 365: In which she lacks focus

by DaniGirl on July 30, 2011 · 1 comment

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Lacks “focus” — get it? Ha, I slay me.

I’m all over the place with the 365 project this week. Kid shots, car shots, flower shots, and even the return of TtV. (Actually, these aren’t this week’s shots — I’m still a week behind. These are last week’s pictures. I swear, I will catch up to myself eventually!)

You saw this one already, as part of my photo essay on our nightly vacation porch Uno tournament. I love the light in this picture so much it makes me want to frame it! The picture, that is. Not the light. Ugh, lacks focus, right?

207:365 Uno Lucas

And speaking of Lucas — is this not the biggest dandelion you’ve ever seen?! It’s bigger than my fist! If this is how big the dandelions are now, the mosquitoes must be the size of pterodactyls!

206:365 Biggest dandelion EVER!

I drive past Jack May Pontiac on Prince of Wales every day on my way to work, and just about any other time I head toward town, and have been admiring this gorgeous green chevrolet for weeks now. Finally one morning I had to stop to admire it with my camera. I’m just glad I didn’t set off any security alarms, poking around in the lot before anybody had shown up for work! It’s a 1953 model, and the sticker price is a little less than $20K.

203:365 53 Chevy

From green to yellow: this beauty was in a vase on my mom’s kitchen table, and I didn’t notice until I had my lens practically touching it that it had a neat double bloom. I added a bit of texture to give it that grainy, gritty feel — just a little bit of extra flavour.

204:365 Yellow

I’ve been so busy working on portraiture and other camera techniques that I’ve barely taken any TtV shots lately. When I saw these daisies in bloom in the back yard, though, I thought they’d look lovely through the viewfinder of my Duaflex.

202:365 Daisies, TtV

I got an action to create faux polaroids in Photoshop from Rita’s Coffee Shop Blog a while ago, and this picture of the boys at the Long Island Locks seemed like the perfect place to use it because it has a timeless vacation snapshot feel to it. I could put it in the album beside my old of my brother and me in the late 1970s and it would fit right in!

205:365 At the locks

I was getting ready for work and noticed Willie “helping” Tristan draw (on the kitchen table. Sigh.) The backlighting from the window created a great silhouette.

201:365 Willie and Tristan drawing

As I said in the original caption, it’s hard to draw pictures of Sonic the Hedgehog when your pencil keeps getting attacked by Willie the Cat!

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1 Mary @ Parenthood July 31, 2011 at 7:32 pm

I think that “dandelion” might be a type of salsify. In which case you could have eaten the roots 🙂

Wonderful pictures, as usual!

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