Project 365: Festivals and other family fun

It’s been a long week. I have to admit, I kinda ran out of steam with the picture-taking, and a lot of other stuff, this week. I still managed to take a picture each day, but there were a few days that I was doing it more out of obligation than joy. Funny, last time I did the 365 project, I wrote post after post saying “wah, this is so hard” and to be honest, I’m nearly half way through my second attempt and I think this is the first time I’ve really felt like I was slogging through.

Anyway, that was part of the inspiration behind this photo, which I called “Looking for the silver lining.” I took it at about 6:30 one morning on the way to work, and I was thinking that even when it’s stormy, the clouds will eventually part and the sun will break through.

161:365 Looking for the silver lining

This is one of my favourite pictures of the week, and a rare one of Papa Lou with the boys. He’s reading one of the four hand-made birthday cards he received on is birthday last Sunday. My dad inspires me, and seeing him and the boys together never fails to make me happy.

157:365 Happy Birthday Papa Lou!

I passed these bleeding hearts peeking out between a picket fence near the Mill quite a few times and each time wished I had the time to stop and take a picture, until one day I finally made a special trip to do just that. Something about the picket fence and the bleeding hearts together speaks to warm sunny days and cold glasses of fresh lemonade, don’t you think?

158:365 Bleeding hearts

Boys at play – always the ‘low hanging fruit’ of my photographic day. 🙂

159:365 Monkeys on the bars

Boys at play, redux. (And? Those compression-based water shooters? Are wicked fun!!)

160:365 Water play

As I may have mentioned (ahem) this was Dickinson Days here in Manotick this weekend. I knew it was the village’s annual summer festival, and I knew there were lots of fun events planned. Even so, I have to tell you I was more than a little bit surprised (and delighted!) when we left the house on Friday evening to head toward Main Street for the parade and found ourselves joining a flowing stream of neighbourhood families all doing the same thing. It felt like a small-scale version of Canada Day on the Hill — Beloved and I couldn’t help but laugh.

We chose a spot on the curb pretty much at random — and based on the quickly-disappearing available space. I have to admit, I did have the position of the setting sun in mind, but other than that, it was total fluke that we ended up right in front of the Mill Tavern, which happens to have a second-level patio that was, unbeknownst to us, serving as the viewing deck for the parade announcers Sandy Sharkey and Wendy Daniels from BOB FM and The Bear.

The parade was also a lot bigger than I’d expected, and reminded me of the Christmas parades of my childhood — floats and marching bands and double-handfuls of candy thrown at the excited kids. I keep coming back to the word “delightful,” the best possible description of the evening. I’ve been playing with Lightroom’s print capabilities, and I thought the contact sheet print made for a good storyboard of some of the parade highlights.

162:365 Dickinson Days Parade

You might have seen this picture earlier in the week, but it’s one of my favourites so worth repeating. My Beloved, man enough to win the big prize at Skeeball but not so manly that he doesn’t mind carrying all the stuffies while the boys go on rides together.

156:365 Beloved

From the day we met, he’s been the man of my dreams.

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