Project 365: Portraits, pinecones and pickies

by DaniGirl on April 23, 2011 · 1 comment

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You might have noticed I’ve been ignoring the blog lately. Sorry about that. It’s not that I haven’t had my face stuck to the monitor any more than usual, I’ve just been trying various solutions for my photography website. I downloaded a couple of different galleries, but couldn’t find anything I liked. Finally, after many hours of tweaking, I think I’ve got it to a place where I like it. (Take a peek and tell me what you think!) But, it hasn’t left me much time online to do any blogging or socializing. Darn this 24 hour day, there just isn’t enough time to get everything done!!

I did manage to take pictures every day this week, though, and I’m pretty happy with them! I know you saw this one already (several times if you happen to follow my RSS feed!) but for the sake of record-keeping, I’m including it here.

118:365 Laces

And even though it was a busy week, there was still time for some peekaboo!

115:365 Peek

A lot of my pictures this week were on a theme of waiting for a spring that seems like it might never arrive…

113:365 Waiting for swing, I mean, spring

114:365 Picky

And this one, too … evergreens are more winter than spring, but I loved the way the long needles gave this one a sense of motion.

119:365 Pinecone

I was just playing with the camera when I discovered this weird phenomenon. I call it “reverse bokeh.” Bokeh is the out-of-focus part of the shot — for example, the brown background on the thistle/bur shot above. In this case, the bokeh is in focus and the bottle I was shooting is out of focus.

116:365 Reverse bokeh

What really perplexes me about this image is the fully-formed reflection of Lucas in the bottom right corner. I cannot for the life of me puzzle out how that’s happening! For reference, here’s what the bottle itself looks like.


Weird, eh? Half a week later, and I’m still wondering how that’s happening!

And last but not least, my handsome middlest son Simon. He’s going through the fake-smile phase all seven-year-old boys seem to pass through, but this one was close enough to legitimate for me — I love this one! I think the browns work so well with his skin tones, and the blue of his jeans gives a lovely contrast.

117:365 Simon in the treehouse

Now that I’ve finally got the photography website back to a point I can stop tinkering with it for a while (until I can get a custom logo created, anyway) I’m hoping to play out here on the blog a little bit more. Erm, after I do a family photo session this weekend. And I have to write an election opinion piece for And, um, I should probably talk to the kids and maybe go for a walk or something. I’m thinking the dust bunnies are just going to have to wait another week.

Anybody got any spare time? I seem to keep losing track of mine….

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1 Coco April 24, 2011 at 3:35 pm

Oh, Dani, they are not dust bunnies today….they are Easter bunnies. Sunny day for an outing with the family. You can show us all the photographic results. Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!

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