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by DaniGirl on March 9, 2011 · 2 comments

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With all the craziness of last weekend, I completely forgot to put up my weekly 365 pictures! It doesn’t always matter, but the delay makes some of these seem positively ancient to me.

Speaking of positively ancient, it was my Mom’s birthday at the end of February… sorry, Mom, I couldn’t resist!! 😉 This is Granny on her birthday with my boys. (There was supposed to be a long and lovely blog post celebrating my Mom on her birthday, but every attempt I made came somewhere between a Hallmark knock-off and an obituary — I never did get a draft I liked enough to publish. Maybe for her next birthday! I don’t need fancy words to tell you, though, that my Mom is my best friend and the best mother a girl could ever hope to have.)

64:365 Happy Birthday Granny!

Because it was one of those milestone birthdays, I wanted to do something special to celebrate. Mom chose a girls’ night out at the local casino, just her and me. Isn’t she awesome? We had such a fun night with dinner and just enough luck to keep us busy on the slot machines for a couple of hours.

65:365 Girl's nite out!

You’ve already seen this one from an earlier blog post. This is the day before we put Lucas’s big-boy bed in his room.

66:365 Getting ready for the big boy bed (1 of 3)

This is my new brother, Bubba. My parents adopted him a couple of weeks ago from a shelter. He’s exactly what he looks like: big and kinda dumb but absolutely lovable. He’s also been a fantastic influence on Beau, my other dog brother — remember him, the one who was completely asocial and escaped to lead me on a barefoot chase through Barrhaven at 6:30 one June morning last year? Beau has come miles farther into being a normally socialized dog in the couple of weeks since Bubba arrived than he did in a year of love and patience with my folks.

67:365 Bubba

Snow. More on the way. I’m so very done with winter!

68:365 Snow on cedars

I like this one. This is the sun setting through the Eastern pine in our front yard.

69:365 Sunset through the pine

I like this one, too. This is the giant reflecting sphere on the NRC’s Montreal Road campus. I took a picture of it last year and had found a link describing the sphere and its purpose (it’s art) but the link is gone. Still makes a fun subject for shooting, though!

70:365 NRC reflecting ball in winter

That’s how the world looked through my viewfinder this last week!

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1 Coco March 10, 2011 at 10:26 am

Thanks…you just brightened my day.

2 littleredhen March 10, 2011 at 12:09 pm

My aunt lives in Ottawa, not too far from NRC and when I was a kid , my dad used to tell me that big ball was a piece of the moon.

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