Project 365: STOP winter now!

Gah, I am so. sick. of. winter. So sick of snow, cold, wind — and the forecast is calling for three dumps of snow in the next three days.

That’s what I had in mind when I took this picture — STOP winter NOW! (I like this because it’s selective colouring but without the post-processing. I didn’t do much to this image except to tweak the exposure a bit.)

46:365 STOP winter now!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here’s some soft and fuzzy and fresh from a warm bath to warm you up!

44:365 After his bath

One of these days, I’m going to get around to writing the post that’s rattling around in my head about how we’ve started going to church now. Not every week, but every couple of weeks at least. I like our new church and Father Dan, and I really like these gorgeous sacred candles. I hope it wasn’t disrespectful of me to snap this, but I couldn’t resist the colours.

45:365 Light a candle

I took this one with my iPhone one night as the sun was setting (thus the bit of orangey-pink in the bottom right corner). I tweaked the colour of the sky to that turquoise colour with an app called FX Photo Studio. I wish I had a better telephoto to bring that crescent moon a little closer!

48:365 Moon shot

Yesterday was the 100th day of school, and the kids were doing special projects. Simon had the number 42 and was gluing 42 mini-marshmallows to it while I made Douglas Adams jokes that sailed clear over their heads. (Tell me somebody gets that reference?) Anyway, I loved the almost straight-on side light and the shadows, so I caught this picture.

49:365 Forty-two

Rather unfortunately, while I was busy uploading this to the computer, the toddler tyrant precocious preschooler got into it and ate his gluey way from 42 down to 37 marshmallows before anybody noticed!

And speaking of the precocious preschooler, here’s a couple of shots from his birthday last Tuesday.

47c:365 Scenes from a birthday 3

47:365 Scenes from a birthday (1 of 4)

Damn cute, isn’t he?

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4 thoughts on “Project 365: STOP winter now!”

  1. Gorgeous shots! I am starting to get so tempted to try 365 again 🙂 I’ve been picking up my camera more lately and it’s so awesome!

  2. I wondered what those white things were….now I know, marshmallows……great idea for ” 42″. Leftovers can then be enjoyed by the family, in hot chocolate, in the never ending winter.

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