Project 365: One month done!

This week on my 365 project, I took a lot of iPhone pictures. I found an app called Diptic that lets you create diptychs (two panels creating one picture) as well as triptychs and up to five-panel images.

33:365 Crayon dippy

34:365 Tree dippy

Another easy iPhone capture, this one via Instagram:

32:365 Key to my heart

This was an iPhone capture simply because it was the only camera I had with me at the time. Remember how cold it was last weekend? It was near -25C (-15F) on Saturday morning when I headed out to the gym, and I noticed that even though it was relatively clear, it was so cold that the ice crystals in the air formed a rainbow around the rising sun. Stellar!

30:365 Ice crystal rainbow at sunrise

One of my favourite groups on Flickr is the “Through the Viewfinder” group, and they had a thread discussing “topless TtV”: TtV shots that aren’t cropped to the viewfinder and with no contraption, so you can clearly see the entire bottom camera. I liked the idea, and this is the result. Photogenic Miss Katie, who, by the way, is still in fine health.

29:365 Topless TtV

Every year I buy a potted hyacinth from the grocery store. The smell as they come into bloom is delicious and fills the house with the sweet scent of spring just when it seems that winter will never end. And each year I plant the leftover bulb in the garden. I’d cultivated a half a dozen or so of them at the old house, and am looking forward to peppering the new garden with them!

Lucas couldn’t even wait for this one to bloom, so intent was he on sucking in the scent last weekend! This, by the way, was not so much staged as captured. I was shooting the backlit hyacinth when Lucas popped up to “help”. The pose and the vigour with which he sniffed were entirely his own! Don’t you just love that cowlick? It’s *always* standing on end like that!

31:365 Lucas loves flowers

And, the hyacinth a few days later as it came into bloom, taken through the viewfinder of my Duaflex. The frame is in very soft focus because I used a close-up filter on my Nikon lens so I could get in close and fill the frame.

35:365 Hello hyacinth TtV

Here’s my brain-teaser of the day for you. In TtV, the Nikon lens focuses on the viewfinder glass, which is on the top of the Duaflex. The Nikon lens also has a minimum focusing distance, meaning you have to be at least X distance from your subject before it can autofocus. Part of the reason I use a “contraption” is to ensure that minimum distance is kept while blocking out extraneous light.

But! If I get too close to the hyacinth flower with the *Duaflex*, the Nikon won’t autofocus. It wants me to have the Duaflex that minimum distance away from the subject as well as the minimum distance from the Nikon to the viewfinder.

Weird, eh? One of the many wonderful quirks of TtV. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Project 365: One month done!”

  1. The rainbows around the sun are called “sundogs”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in Ottawa! We get them here once in a while, usually when it’s very cold and the cold plans to stick around for a while.

    Oh, and Lucas slays me!

  2. Hey Fawn! I know what sundogs are, or at least I’ve heard of them, but I never made the connection. Perihelion or something similar is the technical term, I think.

    I’m so jealous of your location for the Northern Lights — wish we could see them more here!

  3. Love the sundog capture, saw one yesterday (first time ever), unfortunately I was driving…was tempting to pull over and snap a few, but I was on a QW onramp *g*

  4. LOL, apparently I missed 1/2 your pics in my reader. Love that sniffing pic, what a wonderful capture. And that TtV tidbit is really weird.

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