Road trip!!!

What do you do when you and your husband and three kids successfully survive a 3500 km road trip through four provinces?

Give ’em two and a half weeks to recover, then throw them back in the car again and head in the opposite direction!

We just finished a week-long road trip loop through southern Ontario and up the shore of Lake Huron to north of Huntsville and back through Algonquin park. Thanks to the miracle of scheduled posts, I’ll bet that you didn’t even know that I was gone! We left Saturday afternoon, after the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk (which I will blog eventually) and just got back a while ago.

I have a few stories to share and a few million pictures to process, but here’s one that sums up the trip just about perfectly… my brother brought us to this wonderful Tow Mater on the Bluewater Highway on our way into Goderich for a day at the beach:

516:1000 Road trip!!!

Doesn’t it just scream “road trip” and “family vacation”? Mad props to the guys at the Goderich Power Centre and their awesome sense of humour.

More soon, after the laundry and a really thorough cleaning of my darling little Mazda…

Author: DaniGirl

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5 thoughts on “Road trip!!!”

  1. Glad you had such a good time! We’re hoping for a road trip ourselves in the next couple of weeks to break in our brand new . . . Mazda 5! We bit the bullet and traded in our SUV earlier this week – thanks in part to your successful trip to NS in yours. So far, I’m loving it!!!

    Captcha: powerless remote (kinda fits with your previous posts on cartoon characters, no?)

  2. Oh Carly, you’ll love it! Love it!! With the roof rack and one seat folded down we can carry three suitcases and tonnes of other junk. I’ve learned to evaluate what we really need and pack a little lighter, and it’s been perfect. 🙂

  3. Coco, it’s just as easy to chase the monkeys around the province as around the living room. 😉

    Besides, I’m not sure if I remember how to sit still any more…

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